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Wayne Rooney, the Talisman!


As a Rooney admirer, I’m so happy that he is doing great this season. Despite his absences in United preseason tours, he has surprised us by giving his incredible performances from the beginning until half of season (hopefully he continues doing good until the end of season). He has become our best player by a mile. He has won Man of the Match many times, and also Player of the Month. He has proved that his role is very big on the pitch, his presences in some games can really influence the performance of the whole squad. He has become so important.

I remember how he was being phenomenal last season. The fans hated and abused him for his ‘second transfer request’. I personally thought, we the fans didn’t know what the truth was, what actually happened regarding that transfer request. But the negative reactions from the fans were inevitable. It hurts to remember how the fans hated him and abused him, slagged him off those days. I tried to understand those reactions from the fans. Rooney’s first transfer request was unacceptable for most of them, but then they forgave him, and it was very painful for them to hear about the second. I understood, because it was very painful for me too. But then, the hatred towards him had been immense and irrational. Everything he did was wrong according to the fans. They harshly abused him, a player who was literally still playing for the club. And worse, they even felt the need to abuse his wife, Coleen! That was embarrassing! Very childish and disgraceful, ridiculous.

Actually, it was getting on my nerves because the so called fans started slagging him off before he handed that second transfer request to be honest. They called him lazy and thought that he didn’t care to improve his game. They seemed to forget that he got bad injury early season. They compared him to RvP, and said Rooney was having a bad season. I can say that it was just an average season. True that it wasn’t his best season, but the statistic of his goals and assists said that it wasn’t actually as bad as what people thought.

I was so afraid if he would leave last summer. I thought, if Rooney actually didn’t mean to leave, but because of all the abuses he felt unloved and he did leave, I would be so sad. But so grateful, he didn’t! Moyes kept him.  He said “Rooney isn’t for sale.” twice on his press conferences and he meant it. Moyes trusts him much and rates him highly. And Rooney has paid that trust with his great actions. He shows how crucial he is this season so far. In some games, he played everywhere. He defended, he assisted, he scored. He played forward, controlled the midfield, and owned the pitch. He proves his doubters and haters wrong!


Now, on the contrary, those who abused him are chanting his name. I am proud I was one of few who backed him and always wanted him to stay. I know our team performances this season are so frustrating, but still, keeping him is the right thing to do. Robin is back from injury and we’ve signed Mata, but in my opinion, Rooney is still the main man at United. And the latest news I heard, Rooney has agreed to sign the new contract, I’m waiting for it to be confirmed soon.

Rooney haters shouldn’t read this, really. You will hate me for this. But yeah, I couldn’t care less, it’s my opinion. I have neither got blinded by Rooney nor considered him to be bigger than the club. It’s my honest opinion and it’s your right whether to agree or not. But love him or hate him, you can’t deny the importance of him. I know he’s past his best, but he is still tremendous. To me, Rooney is such a complete player, play-maker, exceptional! He is the talisman.He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney! I love you, Wayne.


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