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I Can’t Say Goodbye To Vida


“Nemanja.. whoahhh… Nemanja.. whoahhh… He comes from Serbia… He’ll f*ckin’ murder ya!”

The chant. The chant has been sung by United fans for years. The chant for the Captain Fantastic, the solid rock, the most beautiful man to me, my favourite player, Nemanja Vidic.

The chant. The chant which was always sung by the fans with pride for the braver, the chant that always gave the warmth in my heart every time I heard it. But now, all I can do when I hear it is crying.

VIDA IS LEAVING UNITED. Yes, it was like a thunderstorm in my head when I first heard that news. My most favourite player will leave my favourite football club. I can’t describe how devastated I am. I always wanted him to retire at United.

People keep telling me that it was Vida himself who wanted to leave. That’s true. But if he were offered the new contract before, I think he wouldn’t leave. Okay, I don’t know what the actual truth regarding his decision to leave. But I could say he showed the intention of staying actually. If you remember we ever got news that Vida and Carrick had agreed to sign the extension contract, but then it was only Carrick’s contract that had been confirmed. And as a player who still wanted to play but didn’t get new contract, what did you suppose him to do? Of course he was going to move on!

I don’t blame Moyes, but my thought is, if Sir Alex were still in charge, he wouldn’t let Vida go. He used to give at least one year new deal to honour senior players (especially those who had faith to the club), although the players no longer played in their highest level. Sir Alex knew how to handle the team. And I’m pretty sure Vida would be at United for the rest of his career if Sir Alex were still our manager.

I remember Moyes once said that Vida was the best defender he ever worked with. So I wonder why he didn’t offer Vida the new contract. Because he wants to build the new United with the youths? Really? I know Vida is getting older, but he still is our best CB in my opinion, even though he isn’t playing in his highest level anymore. True that he did some fatal errors this season. But it happened to the whole team as well, to be honest. Vida is still good; he showed how solid he was in some important games this season. And if he’s fit, I think he still can play for one or two more seasons.

And you think that we can replace Vida easily? Hahaha, I don’t think so. I know Evans, Smalling and Jones are decent and young, they still can improve more for sure. But I don’t think they can replace Vida that easy, they won’t be as exceptional as Vida was on his day. And if you think we can replace Vida with the new signing if we sign a CB this summer, he should be a very talented and smart one. Yes, Vida is that good you know. His departure is such a loss to United.


Now the fans are slagging him off like every day. Their hatred towards him is doing my head in. They call him a betrayer and think he shouldn’t be added to the United legends list. You call a player who bled many times for you a betrayer?! Sigh. I know the fact that Vida signing a contract with Inter in the middle of season hurts so much. He could have waited until this season ends. But you just can’t call him a betrayer. As if the picture of him smiling while signing the contract at Inter has erased all your memories about him struggling for the club. He’s been great and kept his faith for years, and bled many times for us! HE IS OUR TRUE LEGEND!!!

Vida isn’t only an incredible defender, he is also an amazing captain. He holds the team together, leads the team to always stick no matter what. I think it’s very hard to find the new captain who has a strong charisma like him. I don’t care what you say. I will never hate him and he will still be my favourite footballer. I know I have to wish him good luck at Inter. But I still can’t say goodbye to him. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I love him as a player and a person. I love him more than the words I can describe…


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