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When ‘The Chosen One’ Turns Into ‘The Clueless One’

“The club stood by me. All my staff stood by me. The players stood by me. So your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important.”

That was Sir Alex’s speech after the game against West Bromwich Albion with 5-5 draw result last season, the last game he was in charge as United manager. The crowds were in silence, paid their fully attention to the man who had brought Manchester United, their favourite football club to the greatest glory. Very touching. All the fans were crying couldn’t believe that Sir Alex was retiring. And he told the fans that Moyes was the next United manager.

Many people, include the fans, were wondering why Sir Alex chose David Moyes, that ex Everton manager to be his successor. But, despite having their own favourite candidates to be the next United manager, the fans obeyed what Sir Alex said and believed in him, that ‘The Chosen One’ would continue the tradition and the success of United. I personally thought Moyes could be the right one, he was known as a manager who was great at developing young talents, which was one of United traditions. I backed him since day one. And I know lots of fans did, even those who doubted, tried to support him. And the fans started trusting him as we won the Community Shield. And we saw the big ‘The Chosen One’ banner in United games after. And we believed that the new era of Manchester United began.


But, as the time passed, some fans lost their trust in Moyes. The fans disliked the fact that Moyes decided to bring his own staff instead of working with Sir Alex staff who literally knew the club very well. And in first months of premier league this season, we only won a few games. And it was actually not the win itself that really matters, but the performance as well. Our players played very poor, they seemed to forget how to play football, didn’t care to play better and win the games. I can say that it was only Rooney who played brilliantly.

The fans started questioning about Moyes’s tactics. Lots of his decisions were questionable. The fans often felt confused about the line-up. Moyes hadn’t found his best line-up yet. Why did he keep picking Ashley Young to start who –we all know- had bad performances this season, and left a class player like Kagawa and a great young talent like Zaha on the bench. His decision to substitute the players was confusing as well. He often made late decisions and incorrect substitutions and we ended up losing the games because of that. And even he got the line-up right, we still had to suffer with his predictable tactics. We started to hear “MoyesOut” everywhere. Plenty thought that he wasn’t the man. But there were also a lot of fans who wanted to give him time, who thought in a transition, failures were normal, it wasn’t easy to manage a big club like United. I was one of those fans. I still defended him that time. I understood the criticism towards him (I criticize him as well) but I thought saying “MoyesOut” was way too far. I mean he was already in and even if we had someone to replace him, it won’t guarantee us to play better. Besides, I didn’t want United to turn into Chelsea or City who changed their manager in short time. So yeah, I would give him chances.

But then, things get ridiculous. We keep losing and play like a small club and Moyes keeps applying his confusing and predictable tactics. The lads keep performing the very bad displays; they play with no determination, motivation and passion whatsoever. We play very poor, struggling in every game even if we play against small clubs, and we make those small clubs play like big clubs against us. In United under SAF, we would always win and didn’t tolerate a defeat, even a draw game could feel like a defeat. But, on the contrary, in United under Moyes, the defeats seem to be our friends; don’t even think about the win, we have to be very grateful if we don’t lose. Sigh… Moyes also upsets the fans by his press conferences. He says United don’t have many world class players etc. That may be true, but what’s the point of saying that in front of the press? Dear Moyes, even though United don’t have many world class players, this average squad were the champions of last season Premier League and we have won the league for 20 times. And we always hear some excuses after some loss, he keeps saying words like “unlucky”, “try”, or “hopefully”. I don’t have to mention, you know many of his press conferences also upset us. And Ladies and Gentleman, the most amazing part of this season is Moyes loves breaking records. Many small clubs hadn’t won against us for years, they win it this season. Old Trafford was always feared by our opponents, but now it seems to be the place for them to get their victory. And many other records that we held proudly for many years have been broken by Mr. Moyes, the chosen one. Brilliant!

Then the criticisms and the “MoyesOut” things are inevitable. The fans think Moyes has destroyed the tradition instead of keeping it. “The Chosen One’ turns into ‘The Clueless One’. The fans want the club to sack Moyes. Some still say that it all wasn’t Moyes fault, he doesn’t play on the pitch, and the players are the ones to blame. True that he doesn’t play on the pitch but he is the manager! He should make the players do what he wants, and make his tactics work well to the squad. And even it is the players fault, the players are the ones who play poor, it’s a manager’s job to make the ‘shit’ squad works and fix the problems in the squad, so they can improve and play better. That’s why a football club needs a manager! I think Moyes deserves the criticism. Just because the fans criticize him, doesn’t mean they don’t get behind the team. So I hate it when some so called ‘die hard’ fans call those who criticize Moyes glory hunters. That’s harsh, and how can they be glory hunters if they still support and stand by the team until now? The fans are depressed, very sad to watch their favourite team fall down this far. They criticize because they care, everyone wants the best for the team. So stop judging other fans, because calling others plastic doesn’t make you a better fan.


I myself don’t even know what to say. I feel so depressed. I’ve tried to be positive in every match, but I always end up being disappointed. I give up. I mean I will still support Moyes as long as he’s the manager, but I couldn’t care less if he gets sacked soon. Moyes is losing the plot. I think the problem isn’t only on the pitch, but also off the pitch, the mindset of the team thoroughly. Moyes loses the dressing room, the players seem not to trust him. We know some players now easily talk to the media about how they feel and what has happened to the club. Rio Ferdinand even criticizes Moyes in front of media. Moyes hasn’t got the charisma that Sir Alex had, and he can’t motivate the players as what Sir Alex did. I feel sorry for Moyes at times to be honest. But I don’t know when he will improve. As much as the fans want him to get sacked, I think the club won’t sack him. Sir Alex also defends him, so yeah I reckon he’s still our manager for next season.

It touched the limit of the patience of United fans when we lost to 0-3 to Liverpool, our biggest rival. It hurt us to the bone. We weren’t confident at all to watch our second leg match against Olympiacos in Champions League. But then we were surprised. We win 3-0! The hattrick of RvP and the decent performance by the lads brought us the victory. We qualified. I was so happy because the game was exactly on my birthday, so it was such a beautiful birthday present for me. And next, our 2-0 victory against West Ham United with that Rooney’s fantastic goal made us believe that our team would rise again. Moyes deserved a credit for those of course, but I didn’t want to hype it. I still doubted him and was still afraid that he would tear us down after some wins. Okay, I was too negative, but that was what I really felt. And I wasn’t wrong. We lost 0-3 against City at our home, Old Trafford. And what made it worse was Moyes’s press conference after, he said “City are at the level we aspire to be”. I feel like dying.

Sir Alex used to say “City are a small club, with the small mentality”. And now Moyes says we the Almighty United aspire to the level of our Noisy Neighbour. I’m done, Mr. Moyes, you’re really getting on my nerves. Enough is enough. I’m in the limit that I can’t say anything but crying. It breaks my heart to see my beloved United suffering this much. I don’t care if we don’t win anything. But the way Moyes manages the team with the small mentality is unacceptable. I don’t care about him anymore. I don’t want to involve with those “MoyesOut or “MoyesIn” whatsoever. If he gets sacked, I won’t be sad. If he is still the manager, he has to improve much. Otherwise, he has to go! This season is enough for all his excuses. I’ve lost my trust in him. But as I said, I don’t think the club will sack him. So yeah, let us see. If he is still our manager next season, will he improve? I’ll be glad if he proves us- who don’t trust him- wrong. But I can’t see that now to be honest. We know Sir Alex is irreplaceable. But the man who deserves to be his successor is the one who can manage the team United’s way, who can bring us the confidence to face anyone with pride as we used to, WHO CAN KEEP THE TRADITION AND LEGACY OF OUR BELOVED CLUB, MANCHESTER UNITED.


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