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Can United Get Through? Keep Calm and Support The Team


The only thing I could do when I knew United got Bayern in CL Draw for the quarter final was laughing. Manchester United, the worst performing big club this season would play against Bayern Munich, the world’s best team at the moment! Okay. I wasn’t confident to be honest. I’m not a pessimist but considering our performances this season, how was I suppose to be optimistic? Yeah, although we got a victory against Aston Villa before, it didn’t make me feel confident for the Bayern game. Some fans even wanted United to lose just because they wanted Moyes to get sacked. Pathetic. Well, I couldn’t care less about them. I didn’t feel confident, but no way I would make fun of my team and want my team to lose. I wasn’t confident, but I wouldn’t lose my spirit and desire to watch my team playing. I was so excited. I didn’t expect much, win or lose, whatever the result would be, all I wanted was the lads to play their best and fight till the very end on the pitch.

And… my team didn’t disappoint me! It was just a draw game, but I was so happy for their performance. I was having fever that day. The game was late in my country. I slept for about one hour before the game, and woke up at 1.30 am with a terrible headache, sacrificing my sleeping time to watch my beloved team, United. I wanted my favourite player Vidic to score so badly, and I had a feeling that he would score. I said quietly that if Vida scored, that would be my medicine, lol. With Mata cup-tied and RvP was injured, I thought Moyes would play Kagawa behind Rooney. But nope, Kagawa was on the bench. Well, I thought it wasn’t the time to moan about Moyes or the squad. I only wanted to support the team especially the lads who were playing on the pitch to do their hardest.


The first leg game was at our home Old Trafford. The support from fans was amazing. Well, it was a bit boring in the first half if you ask me. But actually we played impressive; Welbeck was very mobile, we did attacks, created some chances although Bayern held the possession. Our defense was very solid so far. And we should’ve led 1-0 if Welbeck’s goal was allowed. Sigh. And we lost our big chance again, Welbeck missed the 1 on 1 with Neuer. Gutted but could do nothing. Some fans blamed Welbeck. They said if it was Robin, he would’ve finished off that. Okay, but if there was no Welbeck, would have the chance been created? No. Welbeck had the pace. He might get pressure so he couldn’t finish it properly. So, I would give Welbeck credit for his try. In the second half, Kagawa finally came in. The fans cheered on him, hoped his experiences as an ex Dortmund player who used to play against Bayern would help. They were hoping Shinji would make some changes. AND HE DID! The team played with more determination. Yeaaah, all we need is Shinji Kagawaaa! Then, Rooney took the corner and in the 57th minute Vida scored it! WHAT A HEADER!!! United 1-0 Bayern. I can’t describe how happy I was. I was officially the happiest one. Vida heard my whisper that I wanted him to score, hahaha 🙂 And I just loved his celebration with the team, full of passion! And the crowds were fantastic, so loud! Oh yeah, don’t forget Rooney’s passionate celebration after that Vida’s header. He doesn’t love the club, does he? 😉 It was just too beautiful to describe with words. Epic goal. Passionate Celebration. Amazing crowds. Perfect Atmosphere. I wish I was at OT that time.

In the 67th minute, Schweinsteiger equalized for Bayern. United 1-1 Bayern. We never stopped to hope. But till the final whistle, the score still was 1-1. I could see that Moyes looked a bit disappointed with the result because yeah we could’ve won 3-1. But anyway, I was so proud of the lads, good teamwork. Vida won the Man of the Match, yeay! Vida, Shinji, and Jones had been immense. But I noted that Buttner was awesome too! Before the game, he said he felt confident and he would try to stop Robben. He watched the videos of Robben. Loved his efforts. And he succeed, he was having a good game. To be honest, I never rated him highly as a LB and I always picked Evra ahead of him. But he proved that he deserved to play in big games. I really wish him a great future ahead. Well, credit to Moyes, the lads, and the whole team. Yeah, it was only a draw game, but considering our current form this season, it was a decent performance. It shows that if we play with determination, motivation, willingness, passion and confidence, we’ll be able to give a great performance on the pitch.


And tonight, we’ll be playing the second leg game at Allianz Arena. We all know, the atmosphere there is so amazing, the fans are massive. And Bayern must play with more confidence; moreover Bayern already got one away goal in the first leg at OT, that’s absolutely an advantage for them. It’s gonna be tough, BUT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. If we win only 1-0, we’ll already get through to semifinal. Schweinsteiger, Thiago and Martinez won’t be playing for Bayern in the second leg. Hopefully (the word “hopefully” reminds me of Moyes press conferences, sigh), we can take advantage. But that doesn’t guarantee the game will be easier. We know Bayern have many incredible players in their squad. But we are Manchester United, just believe! I’m not saying I’m confident for this game, but I try to be positive that we can make it. Rooney is back from injury, I hope he scores tonight. Nervous and excited at the same time. I don’t expect much, win or lose, whatever the result will be, all I want is the lads to play their best and fight till the very end on the pitch. SO, CAN WE GET THROUGH? KEEP CALM AND SUPPORT THE TEAM!!!


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