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My Dua for Palestine

I stand up, my wobbly legs
The strange crowds in my ears
The bomb explosion, people screaming, kids crying
It all bursts out
I’m genuinely confused
I’m an alive statue…

I walk
My surroundings, heartbreaking
The giant tanks, the ruined buildings,
Numb bodies, blood everywhere
I’m scared
I’m a coward, indeed…

I stumble
A little girl is crying over a dead woman
“Mom…” her angelic voice
She looks up for help
The camera flashes, the so called reporters
Now she’s staring at me
I’m freezing…

Everything gets messy
It couldn’t get any worse
I crawl, trying to fight
We all are stronger than ever
The death isn’t scary anymore
We feel so close to the Creator
A tremendous explosion at a glance
I’m collapse, darkness…

These four walls again
My warm pillows and blanket
Fajr adhan calls me
Wudhu in a cold morning
I fall in my sujood for Allah
I make dua, words turn into tears
Oh Rabb, please save Palestine
Grant the victory to the people of Gaza

Medan, July 14th 2014. Nuzulul Qur’an.

written by: ichasyahfa


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