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Will Van Gaal Bring United to The Top Four?

Hey guys, long time no talk about football. My last football related post was my review on United’s CL game against Bayern Munich last season when Moyes still took in charge as United Manager. I haven’t posted anything United related since then, haha 🙂

As we know, Louis van Gaal was appointed as United manager to replace Moyes who was sacked last season for his failure at managing United. Van Gaal was known as a great manager who has succeeded at Ajax, AZ AlkMaar, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. The Dutchman has impressed United fans much because of his CV, the fans believed he could be better than Moyes. Moreover, he did a brilliant job with the Holland team in the World Cup 2014. The fans couldn’t wait for the new season to start, to see United under Van Gaal. Anyway, United also did a great job in summer transfer, the club signed Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw in June. And Van Gaal has impressed the fans much more as United got fantastic results in pre-season games. The fans were overwhelmed.


Premier League Season 2014-2015 began. The fans were so excited for the match against Swansea City, United’s PL first game this season. And we lost, it was a bit disappointing to be honest. But we thought it was just the first game, still many games to come. But until now, we only win 4 of 11 matches. Depressing. We should have focused on PL more, since we have no CL game this season. And it hurts more because the club has spent a lot of money to sign players. After Herrera and Shaw, we also signed Marcos Rojo, Angel Di Maria, Daley Blind, and Radamel Falcao (a long season loan). We signed Di Maria from Real Madrid for fantastic fee £59,7m. And we have the most expensive squad in Premier League history. Of course the signings have been good additions for the team. Di Maria who gets the legendary United no. 7 shirt number, especially, has been so brilliant and important to the team. He and the other signings also have decent games and they bring the positive impact to the team performance. But injuries seem always to be the biggest threat for United. The injuries problem has been the endless nightmare. Okay, we can take the player injuries as an excuse. But I think it’s more complicated than that, because in some games we didn’t play well although we had the decent line up. I personally think Van Gaal needs to fit the English football more, and the players need to improve.


People start comparing Van Gaal to Moyes. They say the Dutchman isn’t any better than Moyes. I wasn’t so excited when United announced Van Gaal as the new United manager, to be honest, because I was still devastated with Moyes’ failure. All I wanted that time was Sir Alex to come back, hahaha. But between Moyes and Van Gaal, I’d prefer Van Gaal if you ask me. Van Gaal knows what he wants and what he has to do. He is strict and the players respect him a lot. We still remember how Moyes got slated by his team last season. And the most important is, Van Gaal has great confidence, and he trusts his players despite criticizing them.

United’s midfield has improved more than last season. But we are so fragile in defense. We have serious problem in defense after the departure of Rio, Vidic and Evra. Van Gaal has a selection of defenders with injury problems. But I think, the problem isn’t only in defense, but also the forward. We are lack of attacking. Rooney, who was appointed as Captain, is still very important to the team, despite his silly tackle against West Ham that made him get suspended for many games. RvP still scores, but he isn’t on his best these days. I miss the old him when he used to be our gunman. He is still important for us, though. I agree with Gary Neville that RvP needs better service from those backing him up. And Falcao, sigh, he is injured for long time, as if we signed him for his injury. The sooner he comes back, the better.


So, will Van Gaal bring United to the top four? Difficult question. But there are still many games to come, so there’s always a hope.
“We have to ensure we maintain that we are in a position that we can be in the first four positions. Of course we need to raise our level. It’s a matter of time but it’s also a matter of getting over a lot of injuries.” Said the Boss.
As the fans, nothing we can do but supporting. Hopefully the injured players recover soon, and we do hope the team improve, play their hardest with passion and confidence, and win every game. Well, I really look forward to the game against Arsenal after this boring international break.


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