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Interview: A Happy Married Life

In response to Writing 201 Week One Assignment: Interviews.

I interviewed my sister, Hijrah Syahfa. I am so close to her. She is a good motivator. I often ask her for advices. Even my friends like talking to her too. She is a housewife but also managing an educational course, and her husband, Indra Gunawan, is a pastry chef. They have one son, my cute nephew, Aidil Rizki Gunanda. And they are now waiting for their second baby. She will talk about her marriage, so here it is.

• If I’m not mistaken, this coming March is your 4th wedding anniversary, right?
Yes, it is. On 25th.

• So you and your husband have been married for almost 4 years. How do you feel?
I thank Allah for everything. His blessing and guidance always lead us to always learn how to live a married life. For me and my husband, love is not only about feelings and words but also actions. Love is a verb, isn’t it? Haha.

• People say the early years of marriage are the hardest. Do you think so?
Uhm, I have to agree. In the first years of marriage, you’ll learn more about your partner, know their weaknesses that you have to deal with, and try to understand and respect them. You would argue about every little thing. But if you can handle those all, everything will be easier.

• Dad (before he passed away) and Mom always said the keys to marriage are love, honesty, and willingness to back up each other. Do you agree? I mean, do you think those things are still relevant today? Does love still have a big role in marriage?
Yes, absolutely agree. Those things are the foundation of marriage. Just like a house; love is the floor, honest is the roof, understanding is the door and window, and supporting each other is such a strong wall of a well-constructed house. Talking about Dad and Mom, I still remember their words when I and Indra (her husband) were preparing our wedding. They told us “In marriage, you’ll learn to balance heart and logic. And love will give you more strength to solve the problems you find, together.”

My sister with her husband and son.
My sister with her husband and son.

• Have you ever had such a big problem in your marriage? How did you solve it?
Yes, we have. We had to manage our egos and defeat the arrogance. It becomes a great lesson for us now and makes us more mature in solving problems in our marriage. There’s no better way to handle the problems in marriage, but a willingness to overcome them together by understanding and respecting each other. Well, the different thoughts and opinions sometimes make marriage more colorful.

• Do you have business plans you want to achieve in nearly future? What are they?
Well, at the moment we just focus on saving money for our future. But yeah, we have some plans. We want to have our own bakery shop and expand the education course that I am managing now. The most important is we have to give our time for our kids and to always focus on their needs especially when they’re entering the school years.

• Well, I’ve heard that you both inspire many couples, your family always looks like a very happy family. What do you think?
Do we? Haha. Well, again, we have to be grateful to Allah for His blessings in our marriage. We realize that we can have a happy marriage because we love each other. Love will do the big things in every part of your life. My husband is so romantic and he is a patient one. He’ll always find the way to solve problems with his calmness. I learn much from him. So yeah, we’ll always do our best for our family.

• Do you have some advice on how to be a good housewife? You know I’m such a rebel and not wifey material, haha. I don’t know if I change when I get married someday 😀
Hahaha, I believe you will. Well, I’m still learning too. You’ll find your own way to becoming a good housewife when you get married someday. One thing you have to remember that family is the first priority. You and your husband have to respect each other. So, just find someone who will accept and love you for who you are and wants to teach and lead you without intimidating you, so you both can learn together.

• The last question. What should a couple do to have ‘A better love story than Twilight’? Okay, I actually mean, what’s the recipe for a happy marriage and how to make it last?
Lol. Actually, there’s no special recipe. As I said earlier; love, honesty, understanding, and supporting each other are the keys, Insha Allah you’ll have a delicious marriage. You can’t guarantee your marriage will last. But just pray and do your best for everything in your marriage, so you can make it. God will always see the process.

• Well, thank you, Sista! And congratulation, counting days for your second baby. Love from her gorgeous aunt 🙂
Okay. Yay, can’t wait to welcome our second baby in our little happy family. We are now preparing everything, for our second child and also we have to care about our son’s mentality to being a brother. Hope everything is okay.


7 thoughts on “Interview: A Happy Married Life

  1. Firstly, congrats on being an aunt (even though it’s coming late 😉 ). Also, I enjoyed this interview. I don’t know your sister, but from what I’ve read she seems really cool and it looks to me you both have an amazing relationship. Wishing her many many years of happy married life. 🙂

  2. Hey dear nice to connect with you. And thank you so much for following me 🙂 Now about your interview with your sister, Wow!! Love to know your sister through you 🙂 Nice interview.. Give my regards to her and her family 🙂
    Blessings 🙂

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