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Instructional: How To Draw Manga

In response to Writing 201 Week Two Assignment: Instructional.

I was a bit confused to choose between How To Draw Manga and How To Make Animation Using Macromedia Flash for this assignment at first. But then, I chose the drawing. I love drawing. I’m so interested in drawing manga since I like reading Japanese comics. I’m not an expert, though. I just do it as my hobby. So, here we go.

About Manga
Manga are Japanese comics or graphic novels. Manga are usually serialized and have many genres. Manga are not only for children, but for adults as well. And you may ever hear about anime too. Anime are Japanese animated cartoon videos, on television or are released to home video. Manga and anime are closely related but are ultimately two different things. Manga are often used as the basis for an anime, but not every anime is from a manga and not all manga are made into an anime. Detective Conan and Death Note are two of my favorite Japanese comics and both are made into anime too.

If you buy a Manga Tutorials book, you’ll see many patterns to draw manga in it. Those patterns are made to help people to draw step by step. For example if you want to draw fingers, you need to make some lines and small circles, then erase this part and that part. For me personally, that’s confusing. So I can’t give you a tutorial by those kinds of patterns here because I never draw manga based on patterns. I just draw it my way. Everyone has the different style of drawing, so do I. I find mine a bit different than the manga drawings that I usually see. But it’s my own style. So I’ll share what I usually do to draw manga.

Firstly, of course you need to prepare the drawing equipment, namely; drawing book, pencil, eraser, and pencil sharpener in case you need to sharpen your pencil. As for the pencil, it’s up to you to use a wood pencil or the mechanical one, just choose which one is you’re more comfortable with. I prefer the wood pencil. I use the 2B pencil here. I draw a front view manga here. I used to draw the hair first. You can start drawing from the top, don’t hesitate to move your pencil and don’t get worried about making mistakes. You can use your eraser if you make mistakes. Just start with some thin and smooth lines, and then make them thicker and rougher. After drawing the hair, now draw the shape of head and ears. Create the oval shape to draw a head. You can make the lines from left to right or vice versa, which one you think is easier.


Now, we’re going to draw the eyes, nose, and lips. There are many expressions you can draw, such as happy, sad, confused, shocked etc. Here I draw a smiling face. You can draw the nose and lips with some simple lines. There are a lot of eyes styles too. This style I make is the one that I often draw. Here are the steps.


We’re done drawing head. Now we’re going to draw the rest of the body. But here, I just draw from head to hip. After finishing the head, let’s draw the neck, shoulder and then decide what kind of clothes you want to draw for your manga character. Drawing the arms and hands are the next steps. For some people, drawing hands could be the most difficult part. I also found it difficult sometimes. You can imagine how your hand when you do this, that, or hold something. Or, to make it easier you can use a mirror, just like what I did sometimes. For example, you want to draw a manga character that holds a magazine, you can look at the mirror with a magazine in your hand. Memorize it and draw it soon on your drawing book. Hope it helps!


The last is the finishing step. You just need to check your drawing. Which part you need to repair or add some lines and make it bold in some parts, just do it so. You can learn some techniques of drawing everywhere, book or the internet. You also can see people’s drawings for inspirations but don’t try too hard to copy them. Just start drawing with your own style. The most important here, you need to use your imagination and creativity.


Coloring is not a must. In most of the Japanese comics, you’ll see the drawings are just black and white, except the covers. I sometimes color my drawings, sometimes not. If I saw my drawing was better left uncolored, I wouldn’t color it. But for this assignment, I want to make a colored manga. I use colored pencils here. You can also use crayons etc, or you can use any software. I sometimes use Photoshop to color my drawings. There is no certain rule in coloring. But you can learn some techniques. You can make it darker in some parts and brighter in other parts, to make some highlights and make your drawing look real. Or you can mix two colors to have a new color. Just improve your creativity. Here is the final result, hope you like it.


What I share here is the simple form of manga. I think I need to practice more to have a better technique for drawing manga. I am now learning to draw a more realistic style of manga that the characters look like real human. There are a lot of artists whose drawings are so amazing. I adore them, they inspire me to learn more and improve my skill. Now, I look forward to seeing your drawings, guys. “I want to draw, but I think I have no talent”. Talent is needed, of course. But let’s put talent aside, you can draw by learning and practicing more and more. Because, being good at something is not all about talent, but also willingness to learn. So, create yours!


9 thoughts on “Instructional: How To Draw Manga

  1. I am SO impressed! You are a talented writer _and_ artist. I love the way you broke down the drawing of the eye into 6 panels to show the steps – that was really helpful. Your finished Blogging U manga illustration makes me smile. Thanks so much for publishing this!

    1. Iya sih. Aku jg suka bikin gambar digital utk animasi atau karakter game. Tapi, gak sebagus sketch Mas Andik. Aku merasa tanganku lbh lentur ke pensil ketimbang tools itu 😁

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