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2015 Resolution

Empty stare, over thinking
Throwback, 2014 at a glance
Was good, but not so special
I will reach all my dreams in 2015!
You said the same last year
A voice in my head

I never made resolution list before
So I take a pen and paper, making list
This, this, this
That, that, that
Well, all is useless if you don’t do anything
That voice again

I am in front of my laptop, ready to write
Tick tock tick tock
Daydreaming, nothing written
I end up sleeping
I was right, you stay the same
Shut up, you annoying voice!

I take a deep breath
And close my eyes
Big dreams are meaningless without actions
So what I need to do is to start a small step
And continue with the bigger steps
Then I can run and fly to catch my dreams

But the most important is
I have to change to be a better person
Dear God, please guide me
Give me more strength and spirit
I open my eyes
Smiling, Hello 2015!

written by: ichasyahfa

New Skin


2 thoughts on “2015 Resolution

  1. Well dreaming is a small step itself. Because lot of people don’t even do that. Hope you find energy and opportunities to make your dream true.

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