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Me and My Blog

Me? Well, nothing special, I’m just an ordinary girl. I am a big dreamer. I have a lot of dreams. I’m passionate about many things. I love drawing, writing poetry and fiction, photography, fashion, graphic design, animation, and all multimedia related. The thing is I am a lazy person. Yes, laziness is my friend and I often procrastinate things I should do. That’s my bad habit and I want to change to be a better person in 2015. Pray for me.

This blog? I started my WordPress blog in early 2014. I was inactive user, rarely published post. I only posted articles about football. Then I started posting my poems and some random thoughts. And in December I participated in Writing 201 Longform course by Blogging U. It was so fun! And it helped me to improve my writing skill, and also to being discipline to finish my assignments. Although publishing the assignment was not a must, but it was such happiness for me to get it finished and publish it.

I don’t focus my blog on a certain thing, since I have many interests. So I will keep posting poems, photographs, drawings, football match reviews, thoughts, and everything I want. I’ll probably post my short stories next time. As for drawing, I think I will post more of my manga drawings here. And I’m keen to publish my digital artworks, and maybe some animations too next. I’m blogging publicly because I am eager to find fellow bloggers out there who have the same interests with me. It will be great if I can succeed with my blog. But the most important and what makes me so happy is if what I publish on my blog can inspire people. Blog for sharing. That’s why I am here 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Me and My Blog

  1. So we have already a common friend, Laziness! I believe in 2015 too 😀
    Curious to see more of your work!

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