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EF#2 My Wildest Dream

Actually, I’ve already published two similar posts about my dreams. I rewrite some sentences from those previous posts to this post. So, I’m sorry if this is not something new to read. It’s special for Blog English Club’s challenge, and the topic for this week is “WILDEST DREAM”.

Everyone has a dream. Some people have big dreams, some have the simple ones. Some people have managed to achieve their dreams, some failed to achieve theirs and choose to forget and move on. No one can guarantee someone will successfully achieve their dreams or not. Some people do not have specific dreams. For them, dream is only to achieve success in life. The most needed things to achieve dreams are willingness, prayer and effort. Luck may be part of life too. But don’t rely on luck, we cannot trust luck, because it sucks sometimes. We must stand on our own feet, work hard, and be the master of our own destiny. However, humans can only plan, pray, and do efforts. God is the only one who can decide what is best for us.

I have many dreams. One of my dreams is to become a novelist. I love to write and read. One of my favorite novelists is Jane Austen, the author of Pride and Prejudice. I really admire Elizabeth Bennet character in this novel. I love most of Jane Austen’s novels. I like her writing style and the way she described each character in her novels. I also read some of Julia Quinn’s books. She is a romance author as well. Yes, I love romance novels. I also love fantasy novels like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, though.

I once fantasized about being an international novelist. Julia Quinn or Stephanie Meyer’s comment will be included in the comments field in my novel, and my novel will be adapted to a movie. I know you are like “Are you for real?” Or “What the …”. But the topic for this week is “Wildest Dream”, so don’t blame me 😀 But don’t take it seriously, it was just a daydream. I know it is laughable and a bit unreachable. I sometimes laugh at myself. I’ve never finished a novel, and if I ever manage to finish it, will it surely get published? Even it’s hard to be recognized by Indonesian publishers, how could I dare to dream that my novel will be published internationally?

To be honest, I realize that I am a lazy person. I can be inspired to write a story by anything. Once I got an idea, I can describe the plot, scenes, dialogue, and even the ending. But all is stuck in my head. I’m so lazy to write it. I’m so moody, I just write when I’m in good mood. That’s why I never did finish my novels. I have like ten drafts of my fictional writings on my laptop. But each just contains the prologue or the first chapters only. When I got a new idea, I’d write excitedly. But then I would leave it for days, months, and then forget it.


So what I can conclude here is that I shouldn’t think about my novels are going to be published or adapted to a movie whatsoever. But the important thing is I have to overcome the laziness first. I should be more disciplined and determined to finish my writings. Another important thing is that I have to improve my knowledge and insight, so I can produce good and worth reading books. And I shouldn’t dream too much, but I have to wake up and work hard to make it happen instead. Well, that’s my wildest dream. What’s yours? 🙂

8 thoughts on “EF#2 My Wildest Dream

  1. Nice English, Icha 🙂 You know that there’s a saying, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 😉 No dream is too high. Keep dreaming and waking up, and writing! 🙂

  2. Wow, even our character almost same sis. I always feel excited at the beginnings, and become lazy when the process to reach the dream. That’s why i thought my dream to be an author just dream without ever come true… I wish you success to achieve your dream sis 🙂

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