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Dark Symphony

We had quality times
Sharing stories they did not understand
Singing the grunge songs
Laughing like two idiots
It was the world of us two

You told me that I shouldn’t be in your life
But I couldn’t help following you
You said that life was the cruelest thing
“Life is beautiful!” I cheered you up
You laughed, you called me naïve

You told me that you were a bad person
You always saw things from the dark side
You were so friend with darkness
“Let me be your colours?” I offered
You smiled, my favorite smile

Our eyes locked
We stared at each other in silence
Reading thoughts
We were the King and Queen
In our own palace

Time passes, we are separated
I have no clue where you are
I am too busy with my broken things
You were right, life is cruel
I cry many nights, depressed

Where will I find you?
I need you to fix me now
Let’s be together like the old days
Because only in your darkness
I can see the true colours

written by: ichasyahfa

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