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EF#3 Me & Gadgets

Another BEC’s challenge day! And the third week’s topic is How Gadgets Affect Our Life. I actually have no idea what to write. But well, I’ll talk about the influence of gadget in daily life and how I rely on gadgets.

As part of technology, gadgets play a big role in our life today. Gadgets not only increase the efficiency and flexibility in our life but also keep us updated with the latest information from all over the world. We cannot deny the importance of technology to our daily life, the usage of gadgets has given us so much ease to do things in our life. We cannot stay away from gadgets. I salute those who can.


I am not saying that I am a gadget addict who relies on gadgets as much as I rely on oxygen to breathe (okay, I know I exaggerate it). But, to be honest, I cannot live a day without gadgets. I do a lot of things with my gadgets. Call, text, works and assignments, chat apps, social media, email, music, online shopping, payment, etc. And the fact that internet has become the fastest way to get information nowadays makes me stick with my gadgets. And in addition, gadgets have trained me to be a multi-tasker. I could write on my laptop while having dinner but my eyes focused on tv watching football match, and soon I would take my phone to tweet “Goooooooalll!” when a player of my favourite football team scored. What kind of multi-tasking is that? 😛 I’ve rarely been on social media these days. I get bored of it sometimes. However, as much as I rely on gadgets, I always try not to distance myself from people around.

The overuse of gadgets can also negatively affect health. The excessive use of gadgets can lead to depression, sleep disorder and other negative impacts. But we can avoid it if we use gadgets wisely. So let’s reflect on ourselves and try to lessen our dependence on gadgets, instead of blaming it all on technology. We may often hear a statement “Today we are not controlling gadgets instead the gadgets are controlling our life”. It could be true if we let the addiction of gadgets take over our life. It will not happen if we use gadgets appropriately, not excessive. So, it depends on us. Will we be the masters of our own gadgets or the slaves to them instead?

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