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EF#5 What BEC Means to Me

Another BEC challenge! And the fifth week’s theme: What is BEC to you?

I created my WordPress blog in early 2014. I had no idea what to write about. But then, I started posting football articles in English. But it seemed no one was interested in football like me, I got no response for every single of my article. I was so inactive 2014. In December, I joined Writing 201 Longform course (Blogging U) where I met a lot of nice fellow bloggers. I started feeling excited to do blogging since then. But I didn’t find any Indonesian there. And I’m so happy here in Blog English Club (BEC) I can interact with many Indonesian bloggers. I actually hesitated to join BEC at first- because of my bad English- but my willingness to learn has encouraged me to do so.


It’s fun to be part of BEC. It helps me to improve my English, enhances my creativity to write some worth reading posts, and makes me more disciplined to post regularly. It’s nice to see the BEC members give feedback to each other. BEC gives us different challenge every week. And each member will write based on the topic with their own styles. It’s always interesting to see something from different perspectives. It obviously gives you more knowledge and insight. I learn a lot from many awesome bloggers here. They have great writings on their blogs. I envy them a little bit, yet it encourages me to do more for my self-improvement. So, I can say BEC has become one of the fun ways to learn. That is what BEC means to me.

It’s probably too early to say, but considering the massive response to BEC in the first few weeks, it’s not impossible BEC will be one of the Indonesian big forums for those (bloggers, in particular) who want to learn English or to improve their English more. I can see BEC becoming an integrated community and cozy place to learn English in nearly future. Hopefully, and I believe, BEC will continue taking the consistent steps to broaden the scope in order to take a role in education. That is my wish. Thanks to the admins and mentors. And to all BEC members, I am happy to connect with you all here. Viva BEC!

22 thoughts on “EF#5 What BEC Means to Me

  1. Aamiin… it will be great if someday BEC establish its own position as a leading group on English learning and takes a bigger part in educating Indonesian *dreaming*. 🙂

  2. Amin. Hopefully we can, together of course.

    Saya pertama kali mulai aktif di WP lagi (buat 2005, br aktif 2007/8an), juga gitu. Nulis gak da yang komen. Gak da yang like. Sedih. Tapi terus berjuang… Tulis terus. Banyakin BW. Lama2 berasa. Blogging is fun.

      1. Iya, Mas Ryan, Premier League is the best 😛 Dan saya lebih suka La Liga ketimbang Serie A. Tp kdg2 ngikutin berita serie A juga sih haha

      2. blogwalking adalah bagian dari blogging yang paling menyenangkan buat saya. Meski lebih sering jadi silent reader ujung2nya ^^d
        your English is good. Maybe because you’re accustomed to it when you’re doing writing 201 (and daily prompt from WP daily post?).
        Nice 🙂

      3. Iya Mbak, saya juga srg jd silent reader 🙂 Thanks Mbak. Yeah writing201 helps me to improve my writing skill. Kalo daily prompt sih jarang, Mbak 😀

  3. salam kenal Icha, kirain saya aja yg ngerasa sebelum ini sepi dari pengunjung, ternyata ada temannya juga. sy karena mulai ngeblognya di multiply yg asyik banget krn kita selalu sahut2an dikolom komen, pas pindah ke wordpress berasa banget sepinya. kenal dgn BEC br semangat lagi
    ngeblog 😀 mudah2an silaturrahmi antar anggota BEC bisa tambah erat dan berpanjangan.

    1. Salam kenal jg, Mbak 🙂 Sebenernya saya gak terlalu masalahin jumlah pengunjung. Sampe skrg pun visitors blog saya gak rame, lol. Cuma saya herannya kalo saya nulis ttg bola, gak pernah ada respon. Kalo saya publish photo, puisi, atau tulisan lain malah byk yg like atau comment, haha. Thanks for stopping by, Mbak 🙂

  4. Salam kenal mba Icha, pertama kalinya meninggalkan jejak disini, dan tulisannya bagus banget.
    Hopefully what you have suggested can be a vision for BEC. I’m thankful that I can be a part of this awesome club and meet more bloggers like you 🙂

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