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Blogging Is Fun!

Are you a beginner in blogging and still have no idea what to do? Or you’ve already been blogging for a period of time but you haven’t found the fun of blogging yet? Those happened in my first months of blogging as well. So, here I share some tips and the story of my blog that I have actually told in some posts. To my followers who have already read the story of how I started my blog, please pretend that you haven’t. 😛

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I started my WP blog in early 2014 and had no idea what to write about, and I left it with no post at all for weeks. Then, I started posting football articles. I used to talk and have debate about football on twitter, so I thought why didn’t I just write all my opinions on my blog? Moreover, I was really frustrated that time regarding the fact that the performance of my favourite football club Manchester United -when David Moyes took in charge as manager- was so terrible. Also, I was saddened by the departure of my favourite player Nemanja Vidic. So, I delivered all my sadness and anger into long writing, no need to moan about the character limit, unlike on twitter. But I got no response for my articles. I rarely published post in the first few months of blogging. I only posted poems, photographs, football match short reviews, and some random thoughts after. In December, I participated in Writing 201 Longform, one of Blogging-U online courses by DailyPost. We were given a certain topic to write every week. I gained my followers and started blog-walking. And now, I join Blog English Club (BEC), an Indonesian club for English Learning. Just like Writing201, in BEC the members are also given the different topic to write every week.

Through Writing 201 and BEC, I’m connected with many awesome fellow bloggers who have great writings. It encourages me to write more and, of course, to publish the better writings. I enjoy blog-walking so much now. I learn much from many bloggers with different backgrounds. Yes, now I find blogging is so fun! So, based on my experience, I want to share some tips for you – new bloggers- who still have no idea what to do with your blogs:

  • Create your blog based on what you passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you have many interests like me, though. Or you just want to post your personal thoughts? It’s okay. Whatever you want to blog, just make it your own.
  • Be brave to convey your thoughts. Explore your ideas and just write what you want. But remember, you should prevent from writing things that lead you to racist or bullying behaviour, impolite, rude, or full of hatred posts.
  • Create your own style of writing. Be original. There’s no problem if you want to try a different style of writing sometimes or if you’re inspired by others and you want to be like them. But don’t try too hard to become a person who is not you.
  • Follow people who have the same interests like yours. If you’re interested in photography, just follow photographers or people who are interested in photography too. If you’re interested in poetry, follow poets. But I tell you, it’s also nice to follow people from any backgrounds with different interests.
  • Participate in some writing or photo challenges like Daily Prompt, Weekly Writing Challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge, etc. It’s fun, I guarantee.
  • Join some communities or participate in blogging courses like Blogging-U courses that held by DailyPost. It will make you connected with nice people and you’ll get new experiences.
  • Do blog-walking. Start talking to new people and give feedback to each other. It will not only make your blog visitors become more engaged, but also give you more knowledge and insight. The more you meet new people, the more you’ll learn.
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Those are some tips from me that I actually haven’t done all myself since I haven’t been so long in blogging yet. But no need to be a senior blogger first to share some tips, right? I’m now learning to do a better blogging. But I don’t want to enforce myself to write every day, nor do I want to be a visitors-oriented blogger. I will post what I want on my blog. Well, that’s all I want to say. Thanks for reading. Happy Blogging! 🙂

P.S: If you haven’t created any blog, and you’re still confused which platform that you should sign up for your very first blog, just choose WP. You won’t regret! 😉


10 thoughts on “Blogging Is Fun!

  1. Yes, i do like you too when i started my blog, just don’t know what i should write in there. But everything just goes naturally, and i don’t really mind about comment and visitors. The blog just place for me to share everything in my thought. But, one day i join some writing challenge event and i met so many interesting people to make a friends. I love it. Now my blog is the place for me to make a friends and to get inspiration. Just blog with your passion Icha. Happy blogging !.

  2. So detailed article about blogging. And in English. Cool. Really loves your points mentioned Icha. Now I am wondering about the blogging club you were mentioned there

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