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EF#6 Alter Ego – The So Called Adventurous Girl

“The fact that both ego and self say “I” is a source of confusion and miss-identification. The well-informed ego says truly, “I am what I know myself to be.” The self says merely, “I am.” ― Stephen LaBerge

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What Is An Alter Ego?

According to Oxford Dictionary, alter ego is a person’s secondary or alternative personality, and the other meaning is an intimate and trusted friend. An alter ego is usually the opposite side of personality which is created by an individual. Some people may not realize that they actually have alter egos. People who have alter egos tend to use their alter egos to reach all their goals that they cannot achieve in their real lives. Alter ego personalities need a relationship with a self-object that by conforming to the self’s appearance, opinions, and values confirms the existence, the reality of the self [1].

My Alter Ego and Me

She is a brave and adventurous girl. She explores every inch of the world. She climbs the mountains, she survives in the jungle, and she does backpacking around the world. She is not afraid of animals and any dangerous things. She is the real adventurer. Who is she? Is she my alter ego? She probably is. In fact, I am the opposite side of personality. I am just a childish girl who is afraid of many things. I dislike pets or any other animals, and I have a tremendous fear towards certain animals such as snake and worm. I could be so frightened when I saw a snake even though only on television. I would throw book or magazine- that I read- away if I saw a picture of a snake in it. Even just to think about it already nauseated me. I do not have the guts to do any dangerous things. Then, with all my weaknesses can I be like the so-called adventurous girl? I would not let myself be obsessed with my alter ego. I think I have to overcome my vulnerability first. So, I would prefer to regain my self-esteem rather than thinking how to be an extraordinary adventurer. Nevertheless, the stories of the adventurers will always fascinate me.

How to Deal with Alter Egos

Having an alter ego can be good at times, as long as we do not let our alter egos lead us. It can encourage a person to do more to succeed. An alter ego can give the person the supports of self-esteem. For instance, Eminem was successful in his career with his alter ego, Slim Shady. And you may hear the stories of other public figures who succeed with their alter egos as well. In my case, I will use my alter ego to motivate me to slowly defeat all my fears. Even though I cannot be as brave as my alter ego, at least I will no longer be a neurotic. However, an alter ego will bring us down if we let it dominate our life. So it is important for us to identify our strengths and do our best to meet our needs and to achieve our dreams with our efforts, instead of being obsessed with the perfect personality. We need to establish ourselves and strengthen our abilities to make it possible for us to lead a creative and productive life.

“Forget the self and you will fear nothing, in whatever level or awareness you find yourself to be.” ― Carlos Castaneda

[1] Kohut, H. and Wolf, E. S. The Disorders of the Self and their Treatment: An Outline. International Journal of Psychoanalysis.,

In Response to BEC English Friday 6th Week’s Topic – Alter Ego

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