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Writing 201: Acrostic – Trust

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Rhyming words are written in our  song

Explaining our true feelings

Denial only to set us apart

Ridiculous, why do we have to wait so long?

Obvious, the misery it brings

So, all we need to do is to trust our heart

Express, and we won’t regret in the end

13 thoughts on “Writing 201: Acrostic – Trust

  1. I had a comment from someone for my acrostic poem. In replying, I accidentally trashed it, without meaning to. Did you remember if you wrote another comment to my trust acrostic about trusting God?

    1. No, I only wrote one comment on your post. If you accidentally trashed a comment, you can go to your comments setting on your dashboard, and choose restore, that comment will appear again on your post.

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