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Writing 201: Concrete Poetry – Animal

concrete poem butterflyThe Writing 4th challenge was to make a concrete poetry with prompt: animal. It was kinda hard just like the previous challenges. I chose to make a graphic. It should’ve been the shape of butterfly but I think it looks more like a snail. 😀 And the content, lol, whatever! This is the first concrete poem I’ve ever made. I know I have to learn more, and make a better concrete poem next time. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Writing 201: Concrete Poetry – Animal

  1. tadinya aku jg udh corat-coret mw bikin kupu-kupu (my favorite!) tapi yang sayapnya ngembang gitu.
    terus aku mikir, spacenya bakalan kebanyakan, mau aku isi apa? -.-”
    hehhehe :mrgreen:
    beautifully done, icha ^^d

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