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Writing 101: Unlock The Mind – A Blog of My Own

What to write? That was my question when I first started my blog. I had no idea what to publish. I left my blog for weeks. I used to talk about football on twitter, so I decided to write about football as well on my blog then. I wrote all my opinions, and unlike on twitter, I could convey all my thoughts and opinions in long writings on my blog. I wrote about how devastated I was when Sir Alex Ferguson retired and David Moyes took charge as United manager, How frustrated I was when my favourite player Nemanja Vidic left Manchester United, how I doubted Louis van Gaal at first, etc. Initially, I want to have friends who are also interested in football- Premier League, in particular- but too bad, I can’t find any at that time. I rarely blogged, I only wrote poems and random thoughts after.


In December, I joined Writing 201 Long-form course by Blogging U, and in January I started participating in Blog English Club (An Indonesian community to learn English). I started blog walking and found that blogging is actually fun when you connect with friends and interact with each other. I’ve gained my visitors and followers since then. I don’t focus my blog on certain thing. I have many interests. So I’ll publish what I want. I don’t really care what people think of my blog, whether it’s worth a follow or not, whether my writings are worth reading or not. Sound selfish? Maybe.

Actually, I’m very pleased if people find my writings interesting, or when people give their responses to my posts. But, I don’t want to be a visitors-oriented blogger. So, I will write things that I’m passionate about. Besides, I’m a moody person. Writing is actually one of my hobbies, but I’m a lazy one who writes depends on my mood. I know that’s bad and I need to change. That’s why I participate in some courses and communities to help me to improve my writing skill, and to get disciplined. My blog is just a random blog, as ordinary as I am. But one thing for sure, I want to build this blog as my own world that I can say everything I want. Yes, it is a blog of my own. Twenty minutes is up! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Writing 101: Unlock The Mind – A Blog of My Own

  1. I enjoyed reading day one. I was able to identify with how you said what you said. Your passion for football, the many interests you have and the joy you receive in writing what you want at That moment in time if the mood is right. With all that said my interests are nothing like yours. I’m a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan. I am a fabrinesta…a collector of fabric. I’m a quilter. Love to journal and think of things to write all the time but I’m a lazy writer. When I have the time unless I’m in the right mood. So with all that said your words enabled me to identify with the feelings in your article. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Good job. Well done

    1. Yeah, I see. I want to be a better blogger, though. That’s why I enjoy blog walking, many awesome bloggers inspire me. Well, thanks for reading 😊

  2. That’s fantastic. I think blogs that succeed anyway are the ones that are authentic and true to the bloggers style and self. The blogs that try to cater to their audiences completely and change to be just about them I think tend to be seen as fake. I like that you are going into this making the blog just about whatever you want it to be :).

    1. Thank you so much, very encouraging 😊 But I think it’s not wrong if we want to attract visitors, but yeah we have to always be original. I think I need to learn more from fellow bloggers, to write better and optimize my blog. Hopefully I can defeat my laziness 😀

      1. Definitely not wrong to want to attract visitors. I more meant that when you change your blog to just want to be exactly what you perceive your audience to want I think a blog loses its authenticity.

        I’ve learnt so much from other bloggers. Blogging is such an evolving process. I’m only 2 months in but i’ve learned so much already :).

      2. Couldn’t agree more with what you said 😊 Yeah, so have I. Learning from other bloggers will give us more insight. Oh, now I’m curious to visit your blog. 😃

  3. Quite true, we are owners here. It’s like establishing an entity (cafe, store, lodging.. whatever) on a rent-free property—while the place belongs to somebody else (we use someone else’s servers), ‘the business’ is surely ours. 🙂

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