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Writing 101 – The Three Most Important Songs

It will be an endless talk if the topic is music or song. I love rock music. Green Day and 30 Seconds to Mars are two of my favourite bands. I mostly listen to rock songs, but I also listen to any kind of music, depends on my mood. I won’t talk about songs in my playlist, but here I want to tell you the three most important songs that mean so much to me.


1. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Billie Joe tells about his feelings to his father who died in September 1982 in this song. This song teaches us about acceptance, how to be wise and to treasure our loved ones. Awesome piece, I never get bored of it.

2. Dance with My Father – Luther Vandross

I don’t know much about Luther Vandross, and Dance with My Father is the only song of his that I know. I started listening to this song three years ago after my dad passed away. The lyrics really describe how I feel. Yeah, if only I had another chance to dance with my dad, I would play a song that would never ever end.

3. Indonesia Tanah Air Beta – Composed by Ismail Marzuki

This is an Indonesian song. It tells about someone who loves his/her country (Indonesia) so much, that Indonesia was the place where he/she was born and raised, and it will be the place where he/she dies. My dad taught me to sing this song when I was a little. I do love this song.

Well, those three songs are my picks. This is my post for Writing 101 Day 3 Assignment. I think it’s too short, but I hope it’s still worth a read. Happy Thursday, muggles! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Writing 101 – The Three Most Important Songs

  1. I did not include any English song in my post, Mbak *doh* I include 2 Indonesian songs and a Japanese song 😀

    I like Wake Me Up When September Ends, too, maybe because I am a September girl :mrgreen:

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