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Writing 101: Day 7 – Dialogue

“She will stick with me tonight.”

“Are you kidding me? She will definitely spend her time with me all night long.”

“Hahaha…she will be having exam tomorrow. She would ignore you!”

“Lol, don’t be stupid, Dude. She can study with me too. She can find anything she needs to know in me.”

“No. You’ll give her distractions. She needs to focus on her test.”

“Whatever you say! I’m confident she will choose me.”

“Me too! Just wait and see.”

“Psssstttt. She comes…”

I walked to my bedroom and locked the door when I was in. I looked at the table near my bed. My phone said ‘hi’ teasing me, and my Artificial Intelligence book reminded me of my test. I stared at them for seconds. I yawned. I ignored them and then jumped into my bed, cuddling with my pillows and blanket.

In response to Writing 101 Day 7: Dialogue. I’m not sure whether it meets the prompt or not, hahaha 😁 Gotta go to sleep. Good night, muggles!


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