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Fiction: Perfection

They said I was perfect…

I got everything that everyone wanted in life. I possessed all things that everyone would envy for. They said I was the luckiest girl.

Was that so?

I got threatened for having beautiful face. I got threatened for having slim body. I got threatened because I was born in such a rich family. I got threatened because I always got A’s and achievements at school. Was I lucky?! I ASKED YOU!

I had tried to survive, but my imagination of death was such a temptation.


I wanted to ignore my thought, yet I couldn’t help recalling what they did to me. The words, the punches, the slaps, the wicked laughs. Human could be more frightening than devils.

I inhaled… My blood… Once… Twice… repeatedly. I got used to it! I loved my scars. They gave me such a tranquility.

I got closer to the death, should’ve found my heaven… If only that boy didn’t save me.

“You are an angel. You don’t deserve these all…” He said.

I stared at him blankly.

“I don’t have the incredible strength, but I’ll do my hardest to always save you.” His deep stare.

I laughed as I heard his last sentence. But then my laughter turned into tears. For the first time I felt safe.


She was so beautiful. Her appearance and the way she behaved. Not to mention how smart she was. She was the definition of perfection.

But, being too good wasn’t always good. It could give you the negative impact. Envious. She got bullied by those who envy her, the girls who had always wanted to be her. And worse, she also got bullied by the boys who failed to attract her.

They managed to hide the bullying, their actions had never got caught by the teachers and school staff. And I didn’t know why she never told her parents.

I had always wanted to save her. But, who was I? I was just a nerd who doesn’t know how to act nor say, who had no gut to do something to stop the violence.

I decided to watch her in silence…

I watched her suffering to regain her strength, I watched her tears, and I watched how she endured her pain. I felt like a coward, I hated myself. I was a coward, indeed.

One day, I saw her sitting at the park alone. She sliced her finger. Blood… She inhaled and closed her eyes. It seemed she found her calmness by doing that. Another day, she did it again. Another day.. Another day…

Until that day. I watched her crying. I wanted to wipe her tears, but here I was, hid behind a tree. She looked at her wrist, and her other hand held a knife. I stood still. And she tried to cut her artery. I knew I shouldn’t hide anymore. I didn’t want to lose her…

“DON’T!”‘ I yelled at her.

She looked puzzled, shocked by my presence. But, seconds later she decided not to care, she continued trying to cut her artery. I grabbed her hands and threw away the knife.

“Don’t die!”

“Who are you?!” I felt her anger.

I lifted her face.

“You are an angel. You don’t deserve these all…”

Her blank stare.

“I don’t have the incredible strength. But I’ll try my hardest to always save you.” I looked deep into her eyes.

She laughed. And then cried. I wrapped her in my arms. I would keep my promise to always save her from now on. I loved this girl.


It was our wedding anniversary. We had been married for 25 years. We had children. We had never got so much troubles in our marriage. He could handle me at my worst. He loved me so much. Was I happy?

He was the man who had spent his life for me. He was the one who saved me from the death that I always wanted. He was the one who cared about my pain, when no one else did, not even my parents who were very busy with their own business.

I should’ve loved him…

But my heart was fed up with the word love. I got traumatized. I had always thought that love never existed. Although he showed it. Although I always felt safe with him. But I… I didn’t love him. And it brought me to the deepest guilt. My sinful self…

He offered to cook for our lunch today. While I was in our bedroom, alone. Tears streamed down my face.

“You’re wicked…” The strange voice.

I felt exhausted.

I looked at the table. There was a plate with apples in it, and the knife next to it.

The strange voice came again. And other voice, and other voice… The voices owned my ears, destroyed my head. I couldn’t breathe. I reached the knife.
I didn’t know what was going on, but I could smell my blood.

I inhaled… Harsh…

“Honey, lunch is ready!” His voice.

I could still hear the sound of the door opened, before it was all dark…


It is a pure fiction, not associated with any true bullying story. I want to say through my writing that my hope is there won’t be bullying stories anymore. Bullying can affect people physically and mentally, give such a trauma for their whole life time. Say no to bullying!

In response to Writing 101: Day Nine – Point of View.

It is a bit out of the twist. My fiction is only from two different PoV, not three. But I hope it’s still worth a read. I just started learning to write. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Fiction: Perfection

  1. I like to read the way you place the POV and how you insert the value in this story. 🙂 I think that you should continue your talent 🙂

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