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Welcome to The New Season!


Hellooooo, guys! Long time no talk about football. It’s been months since the last time I wrote a football article. Manchester United’s last season up and down performance has brought my mood down to write about United related. That can’t be an excuse, though. I know it was because of my laziness, hahaha. Whatever, I decide to consistently write about football again for new season. So, although it’s kinda late, here I’ll talk about United from last season review to new season preview.

2014/15 Season at A Glance

Louis van Gaal finally managed to bring Manchester United to the top four in the Premier League last season, in spite of their up and down performances. It became such a mood booster to the fans who were devastated when United finished 7th in Season 2013/14 under Moyes. Well, I don’t want to tell you again how frustrating it was when David Moyes took charge as United manager.

LvG impressed the fans with the great results of preseason tour last season. But then United fans started doubting LvG for the team inconsistent performances, and he still looked confused about his prefered starting XI despite having numerous signings as he wants. The defence was so fragile, the club hadn’t found the successor of my other half, Nemanja Vidic I mean 😝 😛 , who left for Inter at the end of 2013/14 season. There were times the players showing off their great performances, won consecutive games, but then losing games in the next days. United also lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup, and Welbeck, the former United player scored the winner for them, sigh.


The number of injured players last season made the fans feel frustrated more. Luke Shaw was unfit at times, and Di Maria who did great job in his first days joining United, also suffered injury. He made bench, and the rumour started saying that he was leaving United. RvP didn’t really perform well and didn’t get many game times since LvG seemed to trust Falcao more. In fact, Falcao wasn’t any better than RvP, his performance was so awful. De Gea who was very important to the team had been said by some news that he wanted to leave United and join Real Madrid. Young and Fellaini- who were doubted and slated by fans for their poor performances when they played under Moyes- had surprised the fans by their brilliant performances under LvG. Ander Herrera and Juan Mata had been immense, and the captain Wayne Rooney still showed his importance to the team although he was played out of position many times.

Despite some minus points, LvG has answered the question from everyone, that he can bring United to the top four of Premier League, and have a chance to play in the Champions League again. So, well done!

Players’ Arrival and Departure

Manchester United did great things again in transfer market this summer, they’ve signed some decent players. They are Memphis Depay, Matteo Darmian, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schneiderlin, and Sergio Romero. And some rumours say United will sign Pedro, we’ll see. Plenty fans hailed Ed Woodward names for the success of attracting those players to join. I think it’s not merely about Woody’s job, but van Gaal’s name has influenced the players to come, beside the amount of money they have spent to bring them in, of course.

There are also players who left, some of them are Tom Cleverley, Ben Amos, Angelo Henriquez, Nani, Robin Van Persie, Angel Di Maria, and Rafael. RvP’s departure was inevitable. Although I was a bit sad to see him leaving, but I have to admit he was out of form last season, so I just can wish him luck at Fenerbahce. And Di Maria, sigh. I don’t know what’s actually happened regarding his departure. He said he wanted to stay in an interview a few months ago, but then the news said that he wants to leave. People can see that he and LvG don’t have a good relationship. Di Maria didn’t travel with the team in preseason tour as he should, and LvG even said that he didn’t know where Di Maria was. Plenty fans lose respect to Di Maria because they see him disrespecting the club. Di Maria’s open letter to United fans don’t even change their hatred towards him.

Well, this is the squad numbers for 2015/16 season.


2015/16 Season Preview

In Preseason games USA tour, United won 1-0 against Club America, 3-1 against San Jose, 3-1 against Barcelona, but lost 0-2 in the last game of preseason tour against PSG. A good thing to be noted here is Luke Shaw looked much fitter and sharper, compares to his last season performance. Other good things were also showed by the new signings. Schneiderlin impressed the fans by scoring goal against Club America, Depay was skillful and played with confidence, Darmian pleased LvG with his performance and LvG said that he could play Darmian with Luke Shaw and Daley Blind against Spurs in the opening day of Premier League.

So far, the new signings and the whole team have shown a decent performance during preseason tour, although the fans are still criticizing LvG for this and that especially when United lost to PSG. But LvG insists that the game against Spurs is much more important than the result on that preseason game. It seems LvG still needs to find his best starting XI and apply the good tactics to face the opponents. Although the defence has improved, I personally think United still need to sign a class CB. And about De Gea, I don’t know where it ends. As much as I want him to stay, I can see that it’s very likely that he’s leaving. His saga is frustrating, the fans desperately want it to be clear whether if he leaves or decides to stay. Undoubtedly, his role is very vital to the team. LvG is uncertain about De Gea, so that the new signing Sergio Romero is likely to start against Spurs.


“We have no injuries. It’s unbelievable!” LvG told MUTV in interview yesterday about the clash against Tottenham.

Yeah, with the great signings and no injuries, LvG should bring the team to the title race as what the fans expect. LvG and his players need to start well, so they can compete not just to be on top four but become the title contenders. The fans want the team to show the display of great performance and champions mentality in every game, and to bring the Premier League trophy back to Old Trafford. However, the fans will always support the team through the good and bad times. The fans just want the team to always give their 100% on the pitch, and they believe the players will.

Anyway, the kick off against Tottenham Hotspurs is today. Hours to go. SO, COME ON, UNITED!!! 🙌🙌🙌

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[Update] FT:Man. United 1-0 Tottenham (Walker O.G.)


19 thoughts on “Welcome to The New Season!

  1. Icha, I don’t know that you are a football lover. It is cool 😀 I don’t know much about football, but you wrote a good review of them

  2. kk masih sesekali nonton bola
    selebihnya dengar dari cerita si abang aja …, udah nggak kuat nonton lama he..he..
    di awal musim itu selalu seru ngikutin berita transfer dan jual beli pemain ya.., dan nggak sabar nunggu sukses nggaknya pembelian jutaan dollar ini

    1. Iya, aku kadang dimarahin bunda kalo nonton bola sampe mlm2, apalagi kalo Champions League kan. Hihi bener, sebel bgt kalo udah dibeli mahal2 tapi maennya melempem, atau kebanyakan cideranya ketimbang fit-nya hahaha 😁

  3. duluuuuu, saya suka banget nonton bola. Apalagi pas piala dunia, kalau gak lihat versi live rasanya ada yg kurang.
    Tapi sekarang sdh sangat jarang sekali nonton bola, pemain yg sekarang sdh tak banyak yang saya kenal

  4. Wah..hebat banget Icha bisa tahu ini semua 🙂 hahaha..aku di sini jarang nonton bola, terimakasih atas informasinya, jadi tahu sedikit banyak tentang persebakbolaan dunia 🙂

    1. Rumornya sih kuat bgt dia ke Real, tp smpe skrg msh pemain United, walaupun gak dimasukin ke seleksi tim dulu smpe nasibnya jelas haha. Basti & Darmian, so far they’re impressive. ☺

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