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WPC – Beneath Your Feet

“You can have whatever you want if you believe in yourself and keep your feet firmly planted in the ground.” – A. J. McLean

When I saw the featured photo on Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet, I remember that I have some pictures of my feet. I thought it was only me who likes taking picture of feet 😀 Although you can post different photos- not only a picture of feet- to represent this theme, I’ll still use a picture of my feet to fulfill this challenge. I have no reason, but I just love to take pictures of my feet. May be because a picture of feet looks cute to me or my feet are just cute? Hahahaha 😛

Feeling comfortable.
Feeling comfortable.

Anyway, talking about feet, what do you think when you hear the word “feet”? I feel so grateful that I have feet. So, I can walk, run, jump, or kick you in the face when I get mad? No, I am kidding 😛

Okay, let’s have a serious talk.

Feet will remind me of the ground. The meaning of ground here may vary. It could be the grass or floor that you stand, earth where you live, or your hometown. Yeah, hometown. Wherever we are now, no matter how many places we’ve been, we’ll never forget our hometown, where we came from. The longing that warms your heart when you miss your hometown, a smile on your face when you remember the little things in your hometown. The warmth of your hometown will always be with you wherever you go.

So, what else? Feet on the ground could mean that we have to always be a low profile person, no matter how many things we’ve achieved. When you succeed, don’t forget those who were with you when you were down. Don’t forget the things you did that makes who you are now. Because who you are in the present is the result of what you did in the past. So, go reach your dreams, but don’t forget to always put your feet on the ground.

Since it’s a special day for my country, I want to make a wish through this post.

Happy 70th Independence Day

My Beloved Country, Indonesia!

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku! Semoga negara kita menjadi negara yang lebih baik. Dan orang-orangnya pun menjadi lebih baik. Pemimpin agar selalu amanah, dan rakyatnya juga harus berbuat sesuatu, jangan hanya pintar mengkritik. Mari berbenah, for the better Indonesia. Merdeka!

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