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Dance Because You Are Loved

Dance although there’s no music

Dance although life betrays you

Dance although everything is a mess

Dance although some people laugh at your failures

Dance although your existence isn’t noticed

Dance although you’ve fallen down to the bottom of misery


Dance because you can create your own melody

Dance because you know being born is a gift

Dance because you have strength to face troubles

Dance because you can prove them wrong

Dance because you are the master of yourself

Dance because you have your inner power to rise


Dance like the movement of the clouds

And together with the sky make the harmony

Dance wherever you are

And tell the world that you will never give up

Dance because you are loved



I’ve missed many Weekly Photo Challenges. And today I decide to combine some challenges in one post. Why do I choose the pictures of clouds and sky? Because the image of clouds with sky background never fails to amaze me. When I’m sad, it’s heartwarming to look into the sky, it will always be a beauty at day and night. And through my poem, I want to share what’s on my mind, to wish us all the never ending spirit to keep on moving regardless what has happened. Yeah, what I mean by “dance” here is to move. Wish you all an amazing day. Happy Sunday, Muggles!

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” -Unknown

15 thoughts on “Dance Because You Are Loved

  1. Langitnya bagus Mbak, tapi itu kayaknya mau hujan karena mulai menggelap ya :hehe. Tapi kalau hujan juga mesti tetap menari, kan katanya we don’t wait for the storm to pass but we learn how to dance in the rain #ciyeeh *padahal proverbnya salah :haha #abaikan*.

    1. Thanks Mas Ryan..
      Hmm..maybe we should dance in the rain and sing “Rain Rain Go away” then it’s called Pawang Hujan Dance 😛 😀

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