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New Season, New Hope


Hellooooo, guys! Happy Sunday!

New season has begun! I had not written a single football-related article since my last article about football. Yeah, I’ve rarely posted my writings here on my blog. I know it’s a bit late to write a preview, it’s already matchday of United’s first PL game this season, haha. Okay, let’s check out 2015/16 Season review to 2016/17 Season preview.

2015/16 Season at A Glance

Manchester United still trusted Louis van Gaal to manage the club inspite of his average season in 2014/15. So did the fans. They still wanted to give him another season. He was also given all the numerous signings that he wanted. He should’ve made progress, but he didn’t. It wasn’t only about losing in the Champions League and missing out the fourth place in the Premier League, but the poor tactic, inconsistent performance, the team seemed to forget how to win games. It was like he had no clue how to fix it. Yeah his exit was inevitable. Positive thing to be noted last season was the use of the young players. And you can see how brilliant Marcus Rashford was.


Well, despite the frustrating season, United fans still had something to celebrate. United won the FA Cup after beating Crystal Palace! It was like you found an oase after walking for miles on desert. Hahaha, I know I exaggerate it. Anyway, the FA Cup victory didn’t save LvG’s job at United, he still got sacked. After the departure of LvG, Mourinho was appointed the new manager of Manchester United. So, goodbye Louis van Gaal, Welcome Jose Mourinho!

2016/17 New Signings

Manchester United have signed Eric Bailly, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I’ve admired Ibra to be honest, not only for his talents but also his funny (sometimes ridiculous) quotes, lol. And to complete the signings, Manchester United finally sign Pogba back! The former United player who then joined Juventus and said “Manchester United disrespected me”. I was annoyed by his statement at that time, hahaha. But like other fans, I’m happy that he is re-united now (although I think that he’s overpriced), he will obviously be a good addition to the team. The fans were so excited for his arrival and have welcomed him back. Yeah, loads of tweets with the #Pogback hashtag on twitter.


2016/17 Season Preview

Who doesn’t know Mourinho? The phenomenal manager who used to be called The Special One. No one denies his achievements as a manager in football. But, there’s no guarantee that he will be the right man for United. Moreover, he wasn’t as tremendous as he was on his best days. But of course, he is still one of greatest managers in the world. I’ve admired him for long time, and happy for his arrival at United.

Manchester United won The Community Shield against Leicester City. The fans hail Mourinho. Oh wait, I do remember Moyes also won The Community Shield when he first took in charge, but United had a mare season after. So yeah, although I’m happy, I don’t want to be overwhelmed. There’s a long way to go. It’s not that I doubt Mourinho. I trust him. But the failures of Moyes and LvG still haunt me, it feels like I’m still brokenhearted. I have supported Mourinho since day one, like I did to Moyes and LvG. And I’ll support him as long as he gives his best to the team.


Mourinho told the media that he is happy with the squad. But, will Mourinho get rid of some players for his best squad? Let the boss decide. He should find his best line up soon. Zlatan scored the winners against Leicester City in the Community Shield, a good start for him. Mourinho also trusts him much and who can deny his talents and skills, by the way? I reckon he is going to have a brilliant season at United. I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong. And Pogba, he will have to prove that he’s worth the world-record transfer fee of £89m. I believe his contribution will be immense to the team. He is undoubtedly an impressive young talent.

De Gea will still be very crucial to the team, I see. Ah, I’m so grateful he is still United’s inspite of his a bit frustrating saga in the beginning of last season. Don’t go anywhere Davey, you belong to United! And Rooney, despite his up and down performances, the captain still plays an important role to the team. I was so happy for him for his testimonial game, he deserved it. Lingard, Rashford and other youngsters will grab every chance they have, to show off their capabilities, fighting for their places.


Well, that’s it. So, is Mourinho the right man for Manchester United? Will United be the title contenders? We will see. It’s no more about finding a manager who can be the successor of Sir Alex. It’s about how to teach the team to win games again, bring United back to highest level of football, a team that always play with consistency and champions mentality. United are now crawling. All United need at the moment is improvement. There is always a hope. One thing for sure, no matter how much disappoinments, the fans will always give the endless support to the team. So, it’s time to eye the new season. New season, new hope! COME ON, UNITED!

Kick Off against Bournemouth at Vitality Stadium today!
Update: FT: Bournemouth 1-3 Manchester United

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5 thoughts on “New Season, New Hope

  1. Cakep tuh ada Mkhitaryan trus Ibra. Sempet ckckck gitu pas MU ngajak balik Pogba, dulu disia-sia haha. Tapi jadi penasaran gimana jadinya tim ini sama Mou yang dulu ga didemenin sama banyak fans MU.

    1. Dulu gak dipercaya ya haha. Menurut Sir alex, Pogba msh terlalu muda waktu itu. Gak spt kebanyakan fans MU yg sebelumnya gak suka Mou, aku dari dulu udah ngefans sama dia despite his big mouth, hahaha.

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