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There Were Times


There were times when you felt so annoyed by everything, got upset and so mad but you didn’t know why. You were so angry that you just wanted to cry. You threw all your stuff away so you could release your anger. Yet it didn’t help.

There were times when you felt so anxious, you were afraid to face everything. You felt insecure. You were tired of everything. You found yourself cold and numb. All you wanted to do was hiding. Hiding from everyone, hiding from everything.

There were times when you felt so devastated. You hated everything, you hated everyone, you even hated yourself. All you wanted was to go somewhere else. You just wanted to close your eyes and when you opened them, everything was alright.

There were times you wanted to be alone. To free your ego, to find your sanctuary. But they kept chasing you with their complicated presences. They kept disturbing you with things you didn’t even care. They started judging your life. You just wanted to get rid of them all.

There were times when you didn’t know what to do, you didn’t even know what to think. You were clueless. And you wanted to blame it all on life. But sometimes you think that it was all your fault. And then you kept blaming yourself. Yeah, you made troubles. Trouble was a friend of yours. And maybe you were the trouble itself.


There were times you made mistakes and wrong decisions. There were times you fell and failed. There were times you felt so empty and low. There were times you were so depressed and stressed. But baby, everyone ever did and was.

It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to cry. But don’t stop believing that you can rise again. You just need to step, even though only a small step. Tell yourself to never give up. Kill the fear, grow your self-esteem, and feel the blessings of God. Feel the love around you and start to smile. You deserve the happiness.

15 thoughts on “There Were Times

  1. I can relate to this, been through this condition for so many times 🙂 Paling pening sih ya, punya konsep diri yang benar, bisa terima kenyataan, baru bisa ngerti dan liat semua dengan perspektif baru :))

  2. Yes, that is life, full of ups and downs. We need to stay strong and believe in ourselves to get through the downs. And we need to always remember that. Nice post and message 🙂 .

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