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One Fine Day At Ancol


Last week we went to Ancol. We arrived at the Beach Pool area at midday. There were a lot of people, yet not so crowded. Like other visitors, we rented the beach mat for us to sit on. The weather was so hot. I didn’t feel like to play on the beach nor swim (I can’t swim btw 😂). So, I was just sitting there watching people, let the wind blow my headscarf. Sometimes I reached the seashore to take pictures of my nephew and niece who were playing on the sand, making things from the sand using their beach toys.

The wind made me sleepy. I ate the snacks that we bought to keep my eyes open, lol. It was just relaxing. But then I felt annoyed. There were a stand up comedian (I forgot his name) and his team doing a video shooting there. I was annoyed because the cameraman directed the video camera toward the visitors. I had no idea whether it was for TV program or just for their personal documentation, but I didn’t want my face to get caught by the camera haha. So, I stepped away, distanced myself for a while. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long. They moved to another part of the beach. Such a relief, I could go back to my place.

Aftet a few hours, we decided to get out of the beach and then went to Columbus Cafe to have lunch. We walked on the boardwalk to reach the Columbus Cafe. I enjoyed walking on the boardwalk, and stopped at times to take pictures of the view. As we arrived, the waiter gave us the menu book. I had spaghetti and iced lemon tea. The spaghetti was not so special. At first I wanted to have fresh coconut water to drink instead of iced lemon tea, yet that day it wasn’t available as usual. We enjoyed the view there, though.

After lunch, we went to Pasar Seni, still at Ancol. On our way to parking lot, we saw some mature guys running and giggling while their eyes were on their phones. Apparently they were chasing Pokemon, lol. The sun was still shining, yet the weather was cool, unlike at midday.

It was so serene when we arrived at Pasar Seni. Apparently we were the only visitors who came. Not sure whether it was usually that quiet or it was because we went there in the late afternoon. There were some booths of artsy products made by talented artists at Pasar Seni. I love the atmosphere at Pasar Seni. It was very tranquil with the cool breeze and the roof-like high trees there. And no to forget the group of colorful umbrellas which were decorated on the trees. Beautiful!

We decided to go home after taking pictures at Pasar Seni. But on the way home, we stopped at Jl. Hidup Baru, Pademangan to have a dinner at a seafood street cafe. The review will be on the next post. Happy Friday, see ya! 😊


Ancol Dreamland (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol)
Jl. Lodan Timur No. 7, Ancol, Pademangan, RW.10, Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta, Jakarta Capital Region 14430 (Open 24 Hours)

Pasar Seni (Open 10am-8pm)

P.S.  if you have no vehicle when you are at Ancol, you can take the Wara-Wiri Bus. It will take you to the places at Ancol for free.

14 thoughts on “One Fine Day At Ancol

  1. Twrnyata punya sifat pemalu juga di zaman seperti ini. Biasanya kan orang2 malah pingin masuk TV atau video orang lain. Kan sekarang jamannya narsis-narsisan ha ha ha……

  2. Baru tahu ada bis khusus buat jalan-jalan seputar Ancol. Terakhir ke sana pas nginep di hotel yg di dalam Ancol, dasar turis kita ini, kemana-mana jadi malah naek taksi 😀

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