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Let’s Get Behind Timnas!

Credit: twitter com/mytomkins

Football again!

But this time is different! I’m not going to talk about Manchester United or Premier League whatsoever, but it’s time for Indonesian National Team (Timnas)!

As we know, after a long and not easy journey, Indonesia goes to AFF 2016 final and will play against Thailand in the first leg of final tonight at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, Indonesia. Yeah, we made it! I am so excited yet nervous at the same time!

I don’t want to be over excited, but I seriously can’t describe my feeling. And I know all of you are excited too. Whether you watch at the stadium or at home, whether you are football fans or not, I know we all support our team. Because Timnas play for Indonesia. So, I was a bit upset when I saw that some people were unnecessarily complaining about the stadium. You know that GBK is still under renovation and after many considerations, Pakansari Stadium was chosen. And worse, some people also say that they won’t support Indonesia- their own team- because they are sure that Indonesian team will also fail this time and will never win. You underestimate your own team, mate. Pathetic.

Yes, true that Indonesia have never won AFF Cup. Yes, true that it’s gonna be a very tough game against Thailand. But, do those things make you underestimate your own team? Do those things make you doubt your team and refuse to support them? Sigh.

Well, let’s stop talking about unnecessary things, stop complaining, just get behind our team. It is not just about football, it is about the pride of Indonesia, because the team will be playing in the name of Indonesia. Let’s unite, Indonesian! And for Timnas, don’t think too much about our excitement, just do your best! Win or lose, we will always support you.

Anyway, the game is only 1 hour to go. COME ON, INDONESIA! 🙌


Leg 1
(Indonesia: Rizky Pora 64′ Hansamu 70′)
(Thailand: Teerasil 33′)

Leg 2
FT: THAILAND 2-0 INDONESIA (Chattong 37′ 47′) Agg 3-2

8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Behind Timnas!

  1. Good view point. But I think we need miracle to make a history for the first time become champion of AFFCup. So, pray to the God. If we pray together, maybe it will happen like portugal won in final euro vs france.

    1. Thanks, and I agree with you. Berharap menang, tapi tidak boleh memaksakan. Sebenarnya aku bukan mau ngomongin tentang menang atau kalah di sini. Aku cuma sebel sama segelintir orang (orang Indonesia) yang meremehkan bahkan memojokkan timnas dan yakin bahwa Indonesia bakalan gak bisa menang. That upsets me much haha.

  2. Nggak ngerti kenapa mereka harus sebegitunya. Both of teams have chance to win, so why bother killing the joy of this final game by saying Indonesian team can’t win and so forth? :”

    1. Iya, Mi. Walaupun bisa dibilang Thailand lebih unggul tapi gak perlulah meremehkan atau memojokkan timnas Indonesia. Memang baiknya abaikan aja orang seperti itu ya haha

  3. Karena mereka berbicara mewakili realitas data-data yg ada, mereka gatau kalau bola itu bundar dan diperebutkan oleh 22 orang yg pastinya hasilnya tidak bakal sama setiap kali tanding(?) *ngomongopokoe* hahahaha

    1. Kalau bicara realitas, statistik Thailand selama ini memang lebih unggul, we can’t deny it. Aku gak masalah kalo ada yg prediksi Indonesia sulit untuk menang, atau kecil kemungkinan untuk menang, that’s the truth to be honest. Yg aku sebel adalah yg menjelek2kan timnas dan yg blg gak mau dukung Indonesia (bahkan malah dukung Thailand) dan blg bahwa Indonesia gak bakalan bisa menang. Lucu menurutku kalo dukung timnas cuma di saat menang. Tapi itu mungkin cuma orang cari sensasi aja kali ya haha.

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