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Hello, 2018!

The title, lol, it’s way too late hahaha. But hey, it’s still January!

So… Hello, Muggles! After a very long hiatus, finally I come back. My last post was in January 2017, oh my dusty blog! So where was that girl who said she wanted to post more often in 2017? Hahaha, my bad. Fine, I will not say “I want to blog regularly in 2018”.

I have no particular reason why I left my blog for such a long time. Just not in mood maybe haha. Not much to tell about 2017. Just a little busy with works and online shop thingies, and also my sister was hospitalized. But alhamdulillah, she’s getting better now, and I hope she will recover soon, aamiin.

Overall, 2017 was fine. I have no special resolutions in 2018. I have plans, of course, but I want to keep it for myself. So yeah 2018, I’m ready for the challenges. Actually I have many things to write on my blog, and also the post list I made in 2017. I hope I post them soon on my blog.

What about you, friends? What have you been up to? Share with me.

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