A big dreamer, Manchester United fan, Nemanja Vidic adorer, music addict, food lover.

Passionate about art, photography, fiction, fashion, graphic design, and multimedia.

This is my personal blog. I blog in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you for stopping by, Muggles! 🙂

“Vous n’êtes pas encore arrivés mais vous êtes plus proche qu’hier.”

My other blog: http://theunwrittendream.wordpress.com (all about fiction)

55 thoughts on “About

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  2. Nice to know you, Icha. I love photography and music and fashion too, I have interest and used to study design and multimedia as well 🙂 thanks for following my blog

  3. Kalau santai enak mampir kesini, tulisannya simpel dan enak dibaca.
    Keep writing, Icha..
    Salam kenal dari Surabaya 🙂

  4. Yes, I am. I’m a sooo moody person. You’re probably right, I think I’ve evolved. I’ve got your point. And yeah I’ll try to be consistent to write, and get rid of my laziness haha. Thank you so much 😊

    1. Salam kenal jg. Iya, Mancini kan pernah ngelatih City jadi sedikit byk dia tau pola permainan Vidic. Smg bs improve lah Vidic di sana. It’s heartbreaking to talk about Vidic, belum sepenuhnya move on hahaha

  5. Aku udah pernah ninggalin jejak belum disini? Kalau begitu isi buku tamu dulu ya biar sah…
    hahaha….btw. iya aku muggle.

  6. Assalamualaikum mba Icha, salam kenal. Sudah follow tapi masih malu2. Hehe. I’m just a newbie muggle, by the way. 😁

  7. Thanks dik Icha for stopping by and following. Greeting from the U.S.A. Take care and look forward to read your post. Btw your blog is really lovely 🙂

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