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Let’s Get Behind Timnas!

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Football again!

But this time is different! I’m not going to talk about Manchester United or Premier League whatsoever, but it’s time for Indonesian National Team (Timnas)!

As we know, after a long and not easy journey, Indonesia goes to AFF 2016 final and will play against Thailand in the first leg of final tonight at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, Indonesia. Yeah, we made it! I am so excited yet nervous at the same time!

I don’t want to be over excited, but I seriously can’t describe my feeling. And I know all of you are excited too. Whether you watch at the stadium or at home, whether you are football fans or not, I know we all support our team. Because Timnas play for Indonesia. So, I was a bit upset when I saw that some people were unnecessarily complaining about the stadium. You know that GBK is still under renovation and after many considerations, Pakansari Stadium was chosen. And worse, some people also say that they won’t support Indonesia- their own team- because they are sure that Indonesian team will also fail this time and will never win. You underestimate your own team, mate. Pathetic.

Yes, true that Indonesia have never won AFF Cup. Yes, true that it’s gonna be a very tough game against Thailand. But, do those things make you underestimate your own team? Do those things make you doubt your team and refuse to support them? Sigh.

Well, let’s stop talking about unnecessary things, stop complaining, just get behind our team. It is not just about football, it is about the pride of Indonesia, because the team will be playing in the name of Indonesia. Let’s unite, Indonesian! And for Timnas, don’t think too much about our excitement, just do your best! Win or lose, we will always support you.

Anyway, the game is only 1 hour to go. COME ON, INDONESIA! 🙌


Leg 1
(Indonesia: Rizky Pora 64′ Hansamu 70′)
(Thailand: Teerasil 33′)

Leg 2
FT: THAILAND 2-0 INDONESIA (Chattong 37′ 47′) Agg 3-2

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New Season, New Hope


Hellooooo, guys! Happy Sunday!

New season has begun! I had not written a single football-related article since my last article about football. Yeah, I’ve rarely posted my writings here on my blog. I know it’s a bit late to write a preview, it’s already matchday of United’s first PL game this season, haha. Okay, let’s check out 2015/16 Season review to 2016/17 Season preview.

2015/16 Season at A Glance

Manchester United still trusted Louis van Gaal to manage the club inspite of his average season in 2014/15. So did the fans. They still wanted to give him another season. He was also given all the numerous signings that he wanted. He should’ve made progress, but he didn’t. It wasn’t only about losing in the Champions League and missing out the fourth place in the Premier League, but the poor tactic, inconsistent performance, the team seemed to forget how to win games. It was like he had no clue how to fix it. Yeah his exit was inevitable. Positive thing to be noted last season was the use of the young players. And you can see how brilliant Marcus Rashford was.


Well, despite the frustrating season, United fans still had something to celebrate. United won the FA Cup after beating Crystal Palace! It was like you found an oase after walking for miles on desert. Hahaha, I know I exaggerate it. Anyway, the FA Cup victory didn’t save LvG’s job at United, he still got sacked. After the departure of LvG, Mourinho was appointed the new manager of Manchester United. So, goodbye Louis van Gaal, Welcome Jose Mourinho!

2016/17 New Signings

Manchester United have signed Eric Bailly, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I’ve admired Ibra to be honest, not only for his talents but also his funny (sometimes ridiculous) quotes, lol. And to complete the signings, Manchester United finally sign Pogba back! The former United player who then joined Juventus and said “Manchester United disrespected me”. I was annoyed by his statement at that time, hahaha. But like other fans, I’m happy that he is re-united now (although I think that he’s overpriced), he will obviously be a good addition to the team. The fans were so excited for his arrival and have welcomed him back. Yeah, loads of tweets with the #Pogback hashtag on twitter.


2016/17 Season Preview

Who doesn’t know Mourinho? The phenomenal manager who used to be called The Special One. No one denies his achievements as a manager in football. But, there’s no guarantee that he will be the right man for United. Moreover, he wasn’t as tremendous as he was on his best days. But of course, he is still one of greatest managers in the world. I’ve admired him for long time, and happy for his arrival at United.

Manchester United won The Community Shield against Leicester City. The fans hail Mourinho. Oh wait, I do remember Moyes also won The Community Shield when he first took in charge, but United had a mare season after. So yeah, although I’m happy, I don’t want to be overwhelmed. There’s a long way to go. It’s not that I doubt Mourinho. I trust him. But the failures of Moyes and LvG still haunt me, it feels like I’m still brokenhearted. I have supported Mourinho since day one, like I did to Moyes and LvG. And I’ll support him as long as he gives his best to the team.


Mourinho told the media that he is happy with the squad. But, will Mourinho get rid of some players for his best squad? Let the boss decide. He should find his best line up soon. Zlatan scored the winners against Leicester City in the Community Shield, a good start for him. Mourinho also trusts him much and who can deny his talents and skills, by the way? I reckon he is going to have a brilliant season at United. I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong. And Pogba, he will have to prove that he’s worth the world-record transfer fee of £89m. I believe his contribution will be immense to the team. He is undoubtedly an impressive young talent.

De Gea will still be very crucial to the team, I see. Ah, I’m so grateful he is still United’s inspite of his a bit frustrating saga in the beginning of last season. Don’t go anywhere Davey, you belong to United! And Rooney, despite his up and down performances, the captain still plays an important role to the team. I was so happy for him for his testimonial game, he deserved it. Lingard, Rashford and other youngsters will grab every chance they have, to show off their capabilities, fighting for their places.


Well, that’s it. So, is Mourinho the right man for Manchester United? Will United be the title contenders? We will see. It’s no more about finding a manager who can be the successor of Sir Alex. It’s about how to teach the team to win games again, bring United back to highest level of football, a team that always play with consistency and champions mentality. United are now crawling. All United need at the moment is improvement. There is always a hope. One thing for sure, no matter how much disappoinments, the fans will always give the endless support to the team. So, it’s time to eye the new season. New season, new hope! COME ON, UNITED!

Kick Off against Bournemouth at Vitality Stadium today!
Update: FT: Bournemouth 1-3 Manchester United

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Welcome to The New Season!


Hellooooo, guys! Long time no talk about football. It’s been months since the last time I wrote a football article. Manchester United’s last season up and down performance has brought my mood down to write about United related. That can’t be an excuse, though. I know it was because of my laziness, hahaha. Whatever, I decide to consistently write about football again for new season. So, although it’s kinda late, here I’ll talk about United from last season review to new season preview.

2014/15 Season at A Glance

Louis van Gaal finally managed to bring Manchester United to the top four in the Premier League last season, in spite of their up and down performances. It became such a mood booster to the fans who were devastated when United finished 7th in Season 2013/14 under Moyes. Well, I don’t want to tell you again how frustrating it was when David Moyes took charge as United manager.

LvG impressed the fans with the great results of preseason tour last season. But then United fans started doubting LvG for the team inconsistent performances, and he still looked confused about his prefered starting XI despite having numerous signings as he wants. The defence was so fragile, the club hadn’t found the successor of my other half, Nemanja Vidic I mean 😝 😛 , who left for Inter at the end of 2013/14 season. There were times the players showing off their great performances, won consecutive games, but then losing games in the next days. United also lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup, and Welbeck, the former United player scored the winner for them, sigh.


The number of injured players last season made the fans feel frustrated more. Luke Shaw was unfit at times, and Di Maria who did great job in his first days joining United, also suffered injury. He made bench, and the rumour started saying that he was leaving United. RvP didn’t really perform well and didn’t get many game times since LvG seemed to trust Falcao more. In fact, Falcao wasn’t any better than RvP, his performance was so awful. De Gea who was very important to the team had been said by some news that he wanted to leave United and join Real Madrid. Young and Fellaini- who were doubted and slated by fans for their poor performances when they played under Moyes- had surprised the fans by their brilliant performances under LvG. Ander Herrera and Juan Mata had been immense, and the captain Wayne Rooney still showed his importance to the team although he was played out of position many times.

Despite some minus points, LvG has answered the question from everyone, that he can bring United to the top four of Premier League, and have a chance to play in the Champions League again. So, well done!

Players’ Arrival and Departure

Manchester United did great things again in transfer market this summer, they’ve signed some decent players. They are Memphis Depay, Matteo Darmian, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schneiderlin, and Sergio Romero. And some rumours say United will sign Pedro, we’ll see. Plenty fans hailed Ed Woodward names for the success of attracting those players to join. I think it’s not merely about Woody’s job, but van Gaal’s name has influenced the players to come, beside the amount of money they have spent to bring them in, of course.

There are also players who left, some of them are Tom Cleverley, Ben Amos, Angelo Henriquez, Nani, Robin Van Persie, Angel Di Maria, and Rafael. RvP’s departure was inevitable. Although I was a bit sad to see him leaving, but I have to admit he was out of form last season, so I just can wish him luck at Fenerbahce. And Di Maria, sigh. I don’t know what’s actually happened regarding his departure. He said he wanted to stay in an interview a few months ago, but then the news said that he wants to leave. People can see that he and LvG don’t have a good relationship. Di Maria didn’t travel with the team in preseason tour as he should, and LvG even said that he didn’t know where Di Maria was. Plenty fans lose respect to Di Maria because they see him disrespecting the club. Di Maria’s open letter to United fans don’t even change their hatred towards him.

Well, this is the squad numbers for 2015/16 season.


2015/16 Season Preview

In Preseason games USA tour, United won 1-0 against Club America, 3-1 against San Jose, 3-1 against Barcelona, but lost 0-2 in the last game of preseason tour against PSG. A good thing to be noted here is Luke Shaw looked much fitter and sharper, compares to his last season performance. Other good things were also showed by the new signings. Schneiderlin impressed the fans by scoring goal against Club America, Depay was skillful and played with confidence, Darmian pleased LvG with his performance and LvG said that he could play Darmian with Luke Shaw and Daley Blind against Spurs in the opening day of Premier League.

So far, the new signings and the whole team have shown a decent performance during preseason tour, although the fans are still criticizing LvG for this and that especially when United lost to PSG. But LvG insists that the game against Spurs is much more important than the result on that preseason game. It seems LvG still needs to find his best starting XI and apply the good tactics to face the opponents. Although the defence has improved, I personally think United still need to sign a class CB. And about De Gea, I don’t know where it ends. As much as I want him to stay, I can see that it’s very likely that he’s leaving. His saga is frustrating, the fans desperately want it to be clear whether if he leaves or decides to stay. Undoubtedly, his role is very vital to the team. LvG is uncertain about De Gea, so that the new signing Sergio Romero is likely to start against Spurs.


“We have no injuries. It’s unbelievable!” LvG told MUTV in interview yesterday about the clash against Tottenham.

Yeah, with the great signings and no injuries, LvG should bring the team to the title race as what the fans expect. LvG and his players need to start well, so they can compete not just to be on top four but become the title contenders. The fans want the team to show the display of great performance and champions mentality in every game, and to bring the Premier League trophy back to Old Trafford. However, the fans will always support the team through the good and bad times. The fans just want the team to always give their 100% on the pitch, and they believe the players will.

Anyway, the kick off against Tottenham Hotspurs is today. Hours to go. SO, COME ON, UNITED!!! 🙌🙌🙌

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[Update] FT:Man. United 1-0 Tottenham (Walker O.G.)

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EPL: Manchester United 3-0 Liverpool

FT: Manchester United 3-0 Liverpool (Rooney 12′, Mata 40′, RvP 71′). Yaaay United beat Liverpool! 3 goals, 3 points, 3rd on the table. I couldn’t be happier today! 🙂 De Gea won Man of The Match. Well deserved! He made brilliant saves, as always. He was fantastic. David De Gea, legend in the making!

Louis van Gaal: “Today, I thought we were the better team, and we deserved to win. So, it wasn’t the same as the Southampton game – we pressed more from the front, and that was the key. It’s a process. It’s important that we win the games, because it makes the players believe in the philosophy. But, we have to improve and I’m saying that to them every week. When that’s no longer the case, I’ll be pleased. Now Aston Villa becomes our most important match. Every game in this league is difficult to win.”

Here are some photos from the match.

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Line Up & Subs:
Manchester United: De Gea, Jones, Carrick, Evans, Valencia, Fellaini, Rooney, Young, Mata, RvP, Wilson.
Subs: Falcao, Januzaj, Lindegaard, Herrera, Fletcher, McNair, Blackett.Liverpool: Jones, Johnson, Skrtel, Lovren, Henderson, Gerrard, Allen, Moreno, Coutinho, Sterling, Lallana.
Subs: K Toure, Lambert, Lucas, Mignolet, Can, Balotelli, Markovic,Ref: Martin Atkinson

Photos: Any Sources
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EPL: Manchester United 2-1 Stoke City

FT: Manchester United 2-1 Stoke City. (Fellaini 21’, N’Zonzi 39’, Mata 59’).
Another important 3 points! It was United’s fourth win in a row since Desember 2013. Wayne Rooney and Di Maria were out injured, but the team proved they can win the game despite the absence of the two crucial players. United led through Marouane Fellaini before Stoke’s Steven N’Zonzi equalized before half time. But Juan Mata restored the home teams lead with a free kick. The Boss Louis van Gaal was pleased with the win, but he admitted that it wasn’t their best performance.

Fellaini's celebration.
Fellaini’s celebration.

Van Gaal: “It was not our best performance. We were not aggressive enough in the first half, we didn’t keep our position on the pitch. I was not pleased at half-time – and I told them (the players). The second half was better, we created more chances but we need to score more goals. But I’m pleased we held this result. The last few moments were not necessary, but it is always like that. We have struggled until the end in the Premier League. It is common.”

Hey Juaaaaan!
Hey Juaaaaan!

Anyway, this victory kept United in fourth position in the Premier League table. But it’s still a long way to go. The most important thing is United can be in top 4 by the end of season. Keep up the good work, Lads!

Line Up & Subs
Manchester United:
De Gea, Valencia, Smalling, Rojo, Young, Herrera, Fellaini, Carrick, Mata, Van Persie, Wilson
Subs: Lindegaard, Blackett, McNair, Fletcher, Januzaj, Falcao, W. Keane

Stoke City:
Begovic, Bardsley, Shawcross, Wilson, Pieters, Cameron, N’Zonzi, Ireland, Bojan, Assaidi, Diouf
Subs: Butland, Muniesa, Palacios, Arnautovic, Adam, Crouch, Shenton

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EPL: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United

Yay! United won 2-1 over Arsenal at Emirates (Giroud 95′; Gibbs OG 56′, Rooney 85′) yesterday. It’s United’s first away win under Van Gaal, and of course it’s another important win for United in the PL. De Dea won Man of The Match. Well deserved, he was so brilliant.

Van Gaal: “It was the right moment to win this game, against a top team. In the first 25 minutes, we gave the ball away too easily but, after that, you could see us coming back into it. When we keep the ball and play with confidence, we create many chances. We created at least three big ones”

Rooney: “It was a very important victory. We weathered the storm at times, especially in the first half, and then we knew we could hit them on the counter attack, we knew they were vulnerable on the break and we did that. We rode our luck at times, our goalkeeper was fantastic for us today but we hit them with two good goals. It was quite a difficult game, they had a lot of possession but we hit them on the break and that was our game plan.”

And these are some photos from the match. Loving that Rooney’s passionate celebration.

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And the most hilarious thing is Rooney’s tweet. Love how he trolls Piers Morgan, hahahahaha. Peace, Arsenal fans! 🙂

Rooney's Tweet

Photos: Any Sources

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Will Van Gaal Bring United to The Top Four?

Hey guys, long time no talk about football. My last football related post was my review on United’s CL game against Bayern Munich last season when Moyes still took in charge as United Manager. I haven’t posted anything United related since then, haha 🙂

As we know, Louis van Gaal was appointed as United manager to replace Moyes who was sacked last season for his failure at managing United. Van Gaal was known as a great manager who has succeeded at Ajax, AZ AlkMaar, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. The Dutchman has impressed United fans much because of his CV, the fans believed he could be better than Moyes. Moreover, he did a brilliant job with the Holland team in the World Cup 2014. The fans couldn’t wait for the new season to start, to see United under Van Gaal. Anyway, United also did a great job in summer transfer, the club signed Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw in June. And Van Gaal has impressed the fans much more as United got fantastic results in pre-season games. The fans were overwhelmed.


Premier League Season 2014-2015 began. The fans were so excited for the match against Swansea City, United’s PL first game this season. And we lost, it was a bit disappointing to be honest. But we thought it was just the first game, still many games to come. But until now, we only win 4 of 11 matches. Depressing. We should have focused on PL more, since we have no CL game this season. And it hurts more because the club has spent a lot of money to sign players. After Herrera and Shaw, we also signed Marcos Rojo, Angel Di Maria, Daley Blind, and Radamel Falcao (a long season loan). We signed Di Maria from Real Madrid for fantastic fee £59,7m. And we have the most expensive squad in Premier League history. Of course the signings have been good additions for the team. Di Maria who gets the legendary United no. 7 shirt number, especially, has been so brilliant and important to the team. He and the other signings also have decent games and they bring the positive impact to the team performance. But injuries seem always to be the biggest threat for United. The injuries problem has been the endless nightmare. Okay, we can take the player injuries as an excuse. But I think it’s more complicated than that, because in some games we didn’t play well although we had the decent line up. I personally think Van Gaal needs to fit the English football more, and the players need to improve.


People start comparing Van Gaal to Moyes. They say the Dutchman isn’t any better than Moyes. I wasn’t so excited when United announced Van Gaal as the new United manager, to be honest, because I was still devastated with Moyes’ failure. All I wanted that time was Sir Alex to come back, hahaha. But between Moyes and Van Gaal, I’d prefer Van Gaal if you ask me. Van Gaal knows what he wants and what he has to do. He is strict and the players respect him a lot. We still remember how Moyes got slated by his team last season. And the most important is, Van Gaal has great confidence, and he trusts his players despite criticizing them.

United’s midfield has improved more than last season. But we are so fragile in defense. We have serious problem in defense after the departure of Rio, Vidic and Evra. Van Gaal has a selection of defenders with injury problems. But I think, the problem isn’t only in defense, but also the forward. We are lack of attacking. Rooney, who was appointed as Captain, is still very important to the team, despite his silly tackle against West Ham that made him get suspended for many games. RvP still scores, but he isn’t on his best these days. I miss the old him when he used to be our gunman. He is still important for us, though. I agree with Gary Neville that RvP needs better service from those backing him up. And Falcao, sigh, he is injured for long time, as if we signed him for his injury. The sooner he comes back, the better.


So, will Van Gaal bring United to the top four? Difficult question. But there are still many games to come, so there’s always a hope.
“We have to ensure we maintain that we are in a position that we can be in the first four positions. Of course we need to raise our level. It’s a matter of time but it’s also a matter of getting over a lot of injuries.” Said the Boss.
As the fans, nothing we can do but supporting. Hopefully the injured players recover soon, and we do hope the team improve, play their hardest with passion and confidence, and win every game. Well, I really look forward to the game against Arsenal after this boring international break.

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Can United Get Through? Keep Calm and Support The Team


The only thing I could do when I knew United got Bayern in CL Draw for the quarter final was laughing. Manchester United, the worst performing big club this season would play against Bayern Munich, the world’s best team at the moment! Okay. I wasn’t confident to be honest. I’m not a pessimist but considering our performances this season, how was I suppose to be optimistic? Yeah, although we got a victory against Aston Villa before, it didn’t make me feel confident for the Bayern game. Some fans even wanted United to lose just because they wanted Moyes to get sacked. Pathetic. Well, I couldn’t care less about them. I didn’t feel confident, but no way I would make fun of my team and want my team to lose. I wasn’t confident, but I wouldn’t lose my spirit and desire to watch my team playing. I was so excited. I didn’t expect much, win or lose, whatever the result would be, all I wanted was the lads to play their best and fight till the very end on the pitch.

And… my team didn’t disappoint me! It was just a draw game, but I was so happy for their performance. I was having fever that day. The game was late in my country. I slept for about one hour before the game, and woke up at 1.30 am with a terrible headache, sacrificing my sleeping time to watch my beloved team, United. I wanted my favourite player Vidic to score so badly, and I had a feeling that he would score. I said quietly that if Vida scored, that would be my medicine, lol. With Mata cup-tied and RvP was injured, I thought Moyes would play Kagawa behind Rooney. But nope, Kagawa was on the bench. Well, I thought it wasn’t the time to moan about Moyes or the squad. I only wanted to support the team especially the lads who were playing on the pitch to do their hardest.


The first leg game was at our home Old Trafford. The support from fans was amazing. Well, it was a bit boring in the first half if you ask me. But actually we played impressive; Welbeck was very mobile, we did attacks, created some chances although Bayern held the possession. Our defense was very solid so far. And we should’ve led 1-0 if Welbeck’s goal was allowed. Sigh. And we lost our big chance again, Welbeck missed the 1 on 1 with Neuer. Gutted but could do nothing. Some fans blamed Welbeck. They said if it was Robin, he would’ve finished off that. Okay, but if there was no Welbeck, would have the chance been created? No. Welbeck had the pace. He might get pressure so he couldn’t finish it properly. So, I would give Welbeck credit for his try. In the second half, Kagawa finally came in. The fans cheered on him, hoped his experiences as an ex Dortmund player who used to play against Bayern would help. They were hoping Shinji would make some changes. AND HE DID! The team played with more determination. Yeaaah, all we need is Shinji Kagawaaa! Then, Rooney took the corner and in the 57th minute Vida scored it! WHAT A HEADER!!! United 1-0 Bayern. I can’t describe how happy I was. I was officially the happiest one. Vida heard my whisper that I wanted him to score, hahaha 🙂 And I just loved his celebration with the team, full of passion! And the crowds were fantastic, so loud! Oh yeah, don’t forget Rooney’s passionate celebration after that Vida’s header. He doesn’t love the club, does he? 😉 It was just too beautiful to describe with words. Epic goal. Passionate Celebration. Amazing crowds. Perfect Atmosphere. I wish I was at OT that time.

In the 67th minute, Schweinsteiger equalized for Bayern. United 1-1 Bayern. We never stopped to hope. But till the final whistle, the score still was 1-1. I could see that Moyes looked a bit disappointed with the result because yeah we could’ve won 3-1. But anyway, I was so proud of the lads, good teamwork. Vida won the Man of the Match, yeay! Vida, Shinji, and Jones had been immense. But I noted that Buttner was awesome too! Before the game, he said he felt confident and he would try to stop Robben. He watched the videos of Robben. Loved his efforts. And he succeed, he was having a good game. To be honest, I never rated him highly as a LB and I always picked Evra ahead of him. But he proved that he deserved to play in big games. I really wish him a great future ahead. Well, credit to Moyes, the lads, and the whole team. Yeah, it was only a draw game, but considering our current form this season, it was a decent performance. It shows that if we play with determination, motivation, willingness, passion and confidence, we’ll be able to give a great performance on the pitch.


And tonight, we’ll be playing the second leg game at Allianz Arena. We all know, the atmosphere there is so amazing, the fans are massive. And Bayern must play with more confidence; moreover Bayern already got one away goal in the first leg at OT, that’s absolutely an advantage for them. It’s gonna be tough, BUT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. If we win only 1-0, we’ll already get through to semifinal. Schweinsteiger, Thiago and Martinez won’t be playing for Bayern in the second leg. Hopefully (the word “hopefully” reminds me of Moyes press conferences, sigh), we can take advantage. But that doesn’t guarantee the game will be easier. We know Bayern have many incredible players in their squad. But we are Manchester United, just believe! I’m not saying I’m confident for this game, but I try to be positive that we can make it. Rooney is back from injury, I hope he scores tonight. Nervous and excited at the same time. I don’t expect much, win or lose, whatever the result will be, all I want is the lads to play their best and fight till the very end on the pitch. SO, CAN WE GET THROUGH? KEEP CALM AND SUPPORT THE TEAM!!!

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When ‘The Chosen One’ Turns Into ‘The Clueless One’

“The club stood by me. All my staff stood by me. The players stood by me. So your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important.”

That was Sir Alex’s speech after the game against West Bromwich Albion with 5-5 draw result last season, the last game he was in charge as United manager. The crowds were in silence, paid their fully attention to the man who had brought Manchester United, their favourite football club to the greatest glory. Very touching. All the fans were crying couldn’t believe that Sir Alex was retiring. And he told the fans that Moyes was the next United manager.

Many people, include the fans, were wondering why Sir Alex chose David Moyes, that ex Everton manager to be his successor. But, despite having their own favourite candidates to be the next United manager, the fans obeyed what Sir Alex said and believed in him, that ‘The Chosen One’ would continue the tradition and the success of United. I personally thought Moyes could be the right one, he was known as a manager who was great at developing young talents, which was one of United traditions. I backed him since day one. And I know lots of fans did, even those who doubted, tried to support him. And the fans started trusting him as we won the Community Shield. And we saw the big ‘The Chosen One’ banner in United games after. And we believed that the new era of Manchester United began.


But, as the time passed, some fans lost their trust in Moyes. The fans disliked the fact that Moyes decided to bring his own staff instead of working with Sir Alex staff who literally knew the club very well. And in first months of premier league this season, we only won a few games. And it was actually not the win itself that really matters, but the performance as well. Our players played very poor, they seemed to forget how to play football, didn’t care to play better and win the games. I can say that it was only Rooney who played brilliantly.

The fans started questioning about Moyes’s tactics. Lots of his decisions were questionable. The fans often felt confused about the line-up. Moyes hadn’t found his best line-up yet. Why did he keep picking Ashley Young to start who –we all know- had bad performances this season, and left a class player like Kagawa and a great young talent like Zaha on the bench. His decision to substitute the players was confusing as well. He often made late decisions and incorrect substitutions and we ended up losing the games because of that. And even he got the line-up right, we still had to suffer with his predictable tactics. We started to hear “MoyesOut” everywhere. Plenty thought that he wasn’t the man. But there were also a lot of fans who wanted to give him time, who thought in a transition, failures were normal, it wasn’t easy to manage a big club like United. I was one of those fans. I still defended him that time. I understood the criticism towards him (I criticize him as well) but I thought saying “MoyesOut” was way too far. I mean he was already in and even if we had someone to replace him, it won’t guarantee us to play better. Besides, I didn’t want United to turn into Chelsea or City who changed their manager in short time. So yeah, I would give him chances.

But then, things get ridiculous. We keep losing and play like a small club and Moyes keeps applying his confusing and predictable tactics. The lads keep performing the very bad displays; they play with no determination, motivation and passion whatsoever. We play very poor, struggling in every game even if we play against small clubs, and we make those small clubs play like big clubs against us. In United under SAF, we would always win and didn’t tolerate a defeat, even a draw game could feel like a defeat. But, on the contrary, in United under Moyes, the defeats seem to be our friends; don’t even think about the win, we have to be very grateful if we don’t lose. Sigh… Moyes also upsets the fans by his press conferences. He says United don’t have many world class players etc. That may be true, but what’s the point of saying that in front of the press? Dear Moyes, even though United don’t have many world class players, this average squad were the champions of last season Premier League and we have won the league for 20 times. And we always hear some excuses after some loss, he keeps saying words like “unlucky”, “try”, or “hopefully”. I don’t have to mention, you know many of his press conferences also upset us. And Ladies and Gentleman, the most amazing part of this season is Moyes loves breaking records. Many small clubs hadn’t won against us for years, they win it this season. Old Trafford was always feared by our opponents, but now it seems to be the place for them to get their victory. And many other records that we held proudly for many years have been broken by Mr. Moyes, the chosen one. Brilliant!

Then the criticisms and the “MoyesOut” things are inevitable. The fans think Moyes has destroyed the tradition instead of keeping it. “The Chosen One’ turns into ‘The Clueless One’. The fans want the club to sack Moyes. Some still say that it all wasn’t Moyes fault, he doesn’t play on the pitch, and the players are the ones to blame. True that he doesn’t play on the pitch but he is the manager! He should make the players do what he wants, and make his tactics work well to the squad. And even it is the players fault, the players are the ones who play poor, it’s a manager’s job to make the ‘shit’ squad works and fix the problems in the squad, so they can improve and play better. That’s why a football club needs a manager! I think Moyes deserves the criticism. Just because the fans criticize him, doesn’t mean they don’t get behind the team. So I hate it when some so called ‘die hard’ fans call those who criticize Moyes glory hunters. That’s harsh, and how can they be glory hunters if they still support and stand by the team until now? The fans are depressed, very sad to watch their favourite team fall down this far. They criticize because they care, everyone wants the best for the team. So stop judging other fans, because calling others plastic doesn’t make you a better fan.


I myself don’t even know what to say. I feel so depressed. I’ve tried to be positive in every match, but I always end up being disappointed. I give up. I mean I will still support Moyes as long as he’s the manager, but I couldn’t care less if he gets sacked soon. Moyes is losing the plot. I think the problem isn’t only on the pitch, but also off the pitch, the mindset of the team thoroughly. Moyes loses the dressing room, the players seem not to trust him. We know some players now easily talk to the media about how they feel and what has happened to the club. Rio Ferdinand even criticizes Moyes in front of media. Moyes hasn’t got the charisma that Sir Alex had, and he can’t motivate the players as what Sir Alex did. I feel sorry for Moyes at times to be honest. But I don’t know when he will improve. As much as the fans want him to get sacked, I think the club won’t sack him. Sir Alex also defends him, so yeah I reckon he’s still our manager for next season.

It touched the limit of the patience of United fans when we lost to 0-3 to Liverpool, our biggest rival. It hurt us to the bone. We weren’t confident at all to watch our second leg match against Olympiacos in Champions League. But then we were surprised. We win 3-0! The hattrick of RvP and the decent performance by the lads brought us the victory. We qualified. I was so happy because the game was exactly on my birthday, so it was such a beautiful birthday present for me. And next, our 2-0 victory against West Ham United with that Rooney’s fantastic goal made us believe that our team would rise again. Moyes deserved a credit for those of course, but I didn’t want to hype it. I still doubted him and was still afraid that he would tear us down after some wins. Okay, I was too negative, but that was what I really felt. And I wasn’t wrong. We lost 0-3 against City at our home, Old Trafford. And what made it worse was Moyes’s press conference after, he said “City are at the level we aspire to be”. I feel like dying.

Sir Alex used to say “City are a small club, with the small mentality”. And now Moyes says we the Almighty United aspire to the level of our Noisy Neighbour. I’m done, Mr. Moyes, you’re really getting on my nerves. Enough is enough. I’m in the limit that I can’t say anything but crying. It breaks my heart to see my beloved United suffering this much. I don’t care if we don’t win anything. But the way Moyes manages the team with the small mentality is unacceptable. I don’t care about him anymore. I don’t want to involve with those “MoyesOut or “MoyesIn” whatsoever. If he gets sacked, I won’t be sad. If he is still the manager, he has to improve much. Otherwise, he has to go! This season is enough for all his excuses. I’ve lost my trust in him. But as I said, I don’t think the club will sack him. So yeah, let us see. If he is still our manager next season, will he improve? I’ll be glad if he proves us- who don’t trust him- wrong. But I can’t see that now to be honest. We know Sir Alex is irreplaceable. But the man who deserves to be his successor is the one who can manage the team United’s way, who can bring us the confidence to face anyone with pride as we used to, WHO CAN KEEP THE TRADITION AND LEGACY OF OUR BELOVED CLUB, MANCHESTER UNITED.

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I Can’t Say Goodbye To Vida


“Nemanja.. whoahhh… Nemanja.. whoahhh… He comes from Serbia… He’ll f*ckin’ murder ya!”

The chant. The chant has been sung by United fans for years. The chant for the Captain Fantastic, the solid rock, the most beautiful man to me, my favourite player, Nemanja Vidic.

The chant. The chant which was always sung by the fans with pride for the braver, the chant that always gave the warmth in my heart every time I heard it. But now, all I can do when I hear it is crying.

VIDA IS LEAVING UNITED. Yes, it was like a thunderstorm in my head when I first heard that news. My most favourite player will leave my favourite football club. I can’t describe how devastated I am. I always wanted him to retire at United.

People keep telling me that it was Vida himself who wanted to leave. That’s true. But if he were offered the new contract before, I think he wouldn’t leave. Okay, I don’t know what the actual truth regarding his decision to leave. But I could say he showed the intention of staying actually. If you remember we ever got news that Vida and Carrick had agreed to sign the extension contract, but then it was only Carrick’s contract that had been confirmed. And as a player who still wanted to play but didn’t get new contract, what did you suppose him to do? Of course he was going to move on!

I don’t blame Moyes, but my thought is, if Sir Alex were still in charge, he wouldn’t let Vida go. He used to give at least one year new deal to honour senior players (especially those who had faith to the club), although the players no longer played in their highest level. Sir Alex knew how to handle the team. And I’m pretty sure Vida would be at United for the rest of his career if Sir Alex were still our manager.

I remember Moyes once said that Vida was the best defender he ever worked with. So I wonder why he didn’t offer Vida the new contract. Because he wants to build the new United with the youths? Really? I know Vida is getting older, but he still is our best CB in my opinion, even though he isn’t playing in his highest level anymore. True that he did some fatal errors this season. But it happened to the whole team as well, to be honest. Vida is still good; he showed how solid he was in some important games this season. And if he’s fit, I think he still can play for one or two more seasons.

And you think that we can replace Vida easily? Hahaha, I don’t think so. I know Evans, Smalling and Jones are decent and young, they still can improve more for sure. But I don’t think they can replace Vida that easy, they won’t be as exceptional as Vida was on his day. And if you think we can replace Vida with the new signing if we sign a CB this summer, he should be a very talented and smart one. Yes, Vida is that good you know. His departure is such a loss to United.


Now the fans are slagging him off like every day. Their hatred towards him is doing my head in. They call him a betrayer and think he shouldn’t be added to the United legends list. You call a player who bled many times for you a betrayer?! Sigh. I know the fact that Vida signing a contract with Inter in the middle of season hurts so much. He could have waited until this season ends. But you just can’t call him a betrayer. As if the picture of him smiling while signing the contract at Inter has erased all your memories about him struggling for the club. He’s been great and kept his faith for years, and bled many times for us! HE IS OUR TRUE LEGEND!!!

Vida isn’t only an incredible defender, he is also an amazing captain. He holds the team together, leads the team to always stick no matter what. I think it’s very hard to find the new captain who has a strong charisma like him. I don’t care what you say. I will never hate him and he will still be my favourite footballer. I know I have to wish him good luck at Inter. But I still can’t say goodbye to him. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I love him as a player and a person. I love him more than the words I can describe…