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Dance Because You Are Loved

Dance although there’s no music

Dance although life betrays you

Dance although everything is a mess

Dance although some people laugh at your failures

Dance although your existence isn’t noticed

Dance although you’ve fallen down to the bottom of misery


Dance because you can create your own melody

Dance because you know being born is a gift

Dance because you have strength to face troubles

Dance because you can prove them wrong

Dance because you are the master of yourself

Dance because you have your inner power to rise


Dance like the movement of the clouds

And together with the sky make the harmony

Dance wherever you are

And tell the world that you will never give up

Dance because you are loved



I’ve missed many Weekly Photo Challenges. And today I decide to combine some challenges in one post. Why do I choose the pictures of clouds and sky? Because the image of clouds with sky background never fails to amaze me. When I’m sad, it’s heartwarming to look into the sky, it will always be a beauty at day and night. And through my poem, I want to share what’s on my mind, to wish us all the never ending spirit to keep on moving regardless what has happened. Yeah, what I mean by “dance” here is to move. Wish you all an amazing day. Happy Sunday, Muggles!

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” -Unknown

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I refused to see your existence in my heart

I ignored all the chemistry that we had

But now I’m tired of denying

I think I feel the way you do

I refused to listen to your beautiful melody

I ignored the flying butterflies in my stomach

But now I have to admit

You mean something to me

Anyway, my tongue still can’t say

What my heart does…

And you think you have no chance anymore

You think I would never see you

And you say you want to quit

Exactly when I start falling in love with you

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Writing 201: Prose Poem- Fingers

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I could lie that I’m not into you. I ask my pride, it says I have to ignore you. I always try to forget you, but why my heart always goes to you. I see my fingers turning blue, they used to draw the face of you. Now, I ask my fingers to draw again, something that I know I would throw in the end. My fingers are now playing the violin, I cannot explain how fast my heart beats. I stop. Now, I ask my fingers to write a poem, but how and why it’s all about you.


I missed yesterday’s assignment, wasn’t feeling well. Still get headache and runny nose, but I know I shouldn’t miss today’s assignment. As usual, it’s a difficult assignment 🙂

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Writing 201: Elegy – Fog

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Once it was a lovely bright palace

Your precious radiant smile

We danced with the trees, sharing laughter

The sunshine hugs, the warmth


All is blurred now, covered by the endless grey

The pieces of broken glass in my heart

I stand still, deep breathing may help, useless

The fog will always haunt me


It’s so late, but this is my poem for the Writing 201 Day 5 Assignment: Elegy – Fog – Metaphor. I don’t know much about the Elegiac Couplet, and not sure whether it meets the requirements of the assignment or not. 😀

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Writing 201: Concrete Poetry – Animal

concrete poem butterflyThe Writing 4th challenge was to make a concrete poetry with prompt: animal. It was kinda hard just like the previous challenges. I chose to make a graphic. It should’ve been the shape of butterfly but I think it looks more like a snail. 😀 And the content, lol, whatever! This is the first concrete poem I’ve ever made. I know I have to learn more, and make a better concrete poem next time. 🙂

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Dark Symphony

We had quality times
Sharing stories they did not understand
Singing the grunge songs
Laughing like two idiots
It was the world of us two

You told me that I shouldn’t be in your life
But I couldn’t help following you
You said that life was the cruelest thing
“Life is beautiful!” I cheered you up
You laughed, you called me naïve

You told me that you were a bad person
You always saw things from the dark side
You were so friend with darkness
“Let me be your colours?” I offered
You smiled, my favorite smile

Our eyes locked
We stared at each other in silence
Reading thoughts
We were the King and Queen
In our own palace

Time passes, we are separated
I have no clue where you are
I am too busy with my broken things
You were right, life is cruel
I cry many nights, depressed

Where will I find you?
I need you to fix me now
Let’s be together like the old days
Because only in your darkness
I can see the true colours

written by: ichasyahfa

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Don’t ask me to smile
If you can’t be the reason
Don’t ask me to tell you about my life
If you are not a good listener

Don’t ask me to draw
If you can’t be the canvas
Don’t ask me to write lyrics
If you can’t turn them into melody

Don’t ask me to walk out
If you can’t be the sun
Don’t ask me to fly
If you can’t catch me when I fall

Don’t love me
Because I am too fragile