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Pride And Regret

He was so charming, surrounded by girls
But she was not one of them
To her, he was just another guy
Trying to attract and catch her
She was a flower with her so called pride

Everyone was talking about them
He was so into her
And that made other girls so jealous
She enjoyed that fact
And smiled like a queen

She thought she would never fall in love with him
But time was the master
All she thought about was him
But she held her pride tight
And made denials

Feelings could not lie anyway
She did not want to suffer any longer
So she decided to tell him
That she felt the same way too
But it was too late

And here I am now
Tears stream down my face
I love you
I whisper
As I spread flowers on your grave

written by: ichasyahfa

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2015 Resolution

Empty stare, over thinking
Throwback, 2014 at a glance
Was good, but not so special
I will reach all my dreams in 2015!
You said the same last year
A voice in my head

I never made resolution list before
So I take a pen and paper, making list
This, this, this
That, that, that
Well, all is useless if you don’t do anything
That voice again

I am in front of my laptop, ready to write
Tick tock tick tock
Daydreaming, nothing written
I end up sleeping
I was right, you stay the same
Shut up, you annoying voice!

I take a deep breath
And close my eyes
Big dreams are meaningless without actions
So what I need to do is to start a small step
And continue with the bigger steps
Then I can run and fly to catch my dreams

But the most important is
I have to change to be a better person
Dear God, please guide me
Give me more strength and spirit
I open my eyes
Smiling, Hello 2015!

written by: ichasyahfa

New Skin

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Melodious Symphony

I love writing poems
You’re with the musical instruments
And we make songs
Combining our feelings in them

I am a poet
You are a musician
We are two unidentified artists
Collaborating our egos in creativity

Light and breeze
We perform the most beautiful orchestra
In a hall called forest
Trees are the audience

They wouldn’t understand
But why should we care?
This is the world of our own
You and I, in symphony

written by: ichasyahfa

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She falls down
Stuck in the corner of the dark
To find herself freezing, close to death
Like a statue, breathing

She is crying, in silence
Depressed, frustrated, devastated
In the limit that she cannot think
The tears refuse to come out

Dear Lord,
Is this the world you want me to live in?
Bring me back to my childhood
Bring me back to my childhood
She is screaming, in silence

She closes her eyes
Escaping, flying away to somewhere else
I’m everywhere if you want to see,
God whispers

She opens her eyes, back to reality
She crawls, ready to meet Him
Body, heart and soul are praying
She doesn’t know what will happen next
But she feels calm now

written by: ichasyahfa

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People grow up
Childhood is memory
Laugh and smile
Forgotten sincerity

Changes are required
You’re busy to impress
Pride above all
Ready to suffer

You say you are a good person
Probably you are not
You say you are fine
But you are hurting inside

You think you boss the life
Life owns you, in fact
You think you are the winner
You’re inside the cage, in fact

You are on top
Everyone hails you
You fall down
Hey, where are they?

You cry
Taking a deep breath
Seeing the life at a glance
Endless thought

People grow up
Childhood is memory
Mask to mask
In the name of fame

written by: ichasyahfa

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The Same Twilight

A beautiful twilight
With the golden sun
I can feel the wind on my skin

I still remember the eyes
The perfect appearance
I replay the smile I’ve recorded

I was hypnotized
The indescribable feelings
Unexplained happiness

I decide to close my window
It’s still the same twilight
But there’s no you

written by: ichasyahfa

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I’m tired of being confused
Life is not what it seems
I need to face it with you

I’m so fragile with all weakness of mine
Hold me and make me believe
That you deserve to have me

I’m tired of thinking
When all gets complicated
I need to defeat it with you

I’m so selfish with all the worst of mine
But I do care your misery
I will steal your pain

Cut the distance
Kill the time
And let’s create our own world

written by: ichasyahfa