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Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Hello! Long time no see, muggles!

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After Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 and Muslim Fashion Festival 2018 in March-April, now it’s time for Jakarta Fashion Fashion Week 2019! Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 (JFW2019) is held at Senayan City on 20-26 October 2018. Yesss, you still can go there until Friday!

I attended JFW2019 on day 1, last Saturday. I arrived there in the afternoon and watched the fashion show: Australian Fashion Showcase featuring Batik Chic by Novita Yunus & The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation. The display was mesmerizing, the ethnic collections with modern touch. Loved the cutting and detail, it was festive yet still looked simple and elegant. I could say those collections in three words; unique, aesthetic, and wearable.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

As always, JFW were visited by fashion enthusiasts. You can also meet the popular fashion people there. The enthusiasm to this event are always the same every year, even bigger. It shows that Indonesian people nowadays are aware of fashion even more. A lot of people are eager to see the collections of talented designers and satisfy their interests in fashion by watching the talkshows or shopping at the fashion booths there. JFW is one of the biggest fashion events in Indonesia. Through these fashion events, the works of Indonesian fashion designers and the development of Indonesian fashion industry are introduced to the world. So, keep up the good works!

There are some spots of JFW2019 at Senayan City; Fashion Tent (built at the outdoor area), Fashion Atrium, and Fashionlink Showroom & Market (The Hall, 8th Floor). There are still fashion shows, talkshows, and some other events coming up. You can check their website or social media accounts for schedules and more info.

Don’t forget to visit JFW2019, fashion people!