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EF#7 Water

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” 
― Ansel Adams

I am not a professional photographer, yet I’m really into photography. I’m just a hobbyist who doesn’t know much about photography techniques. I just love taking pictures, snap here and there, snap this and that, even some random things can be so interesting to me. Sometimes I take pictures using my brother’s DSLR camera, sometimes using my tiny digital camera, and mostly using my phone camera (Does this count as photography? 😛 ).

20130509_082322 - Copy

This picture I took when I and my friends visited Hairos Waterpark. It is located at Jl. Letjend Djamin Ginting, KM 14.5 Medan, North Sumatra. It took about 30 minutes to get there by car from the centre of the city of Medan where I live. Actually there was no story behind this picture. I was just curious how lovely it would be if I captured the picture of the pouring water with the perfect sky-clouds-trees background. And snap! I loved it.

Hairos Waterpark is one of many water-parks in Medan. The facilities here are well maintained and the scenery is just great, all is green surrounding. It is a nice place to visit if you come to my beloved city, Medan.

Well, maybe this is the shortest post I’ve ever written for English Friday Challenge, but hopefully it’s still worth a read. 🙂

“The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery, even when they have to take a detour.” 
― James Jeans

In Response to BEC English Friday 7th Topic: Snap and Tell A Story! and Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

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Writing 201: Concrete Poetry – Animal

concrete poem butterflyThe Writing 4th challenge was to make a concrete poetry with prompt: animal. It was kinda hard just like the previous challenges. I chose to make a graphic. It should’ve been the shape of butterfly but I think it looks more like a snail. 😀 And the content, lol, whatever! This is the first concrete poem I’ve ever made. I know I have to learn more, and make a better concrete poem next time. 🙂

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EF#6 Alter Ego – The So Called Adventurous Girl

“The fact that both ego and self say “I” is a source of confusion and miss-identification. The well-informed ego says truly, “I am what I know myself to be.” The self says merely, “I am.” ― Stephen LaBerge

Image Credit:
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What Is An Alter Ego?

According to Oxford Dictionary, alter ego is a person’s secondary or alternative personality, and the other meaning is an intimate and trusted friend. An alter ego is usually the opposite side of personality which is created by an individual. Some people may not realize that they actually have alter egos. People who have alter egos tend to use their alter egos to reach all their goals that they cannot achieve in their real lives. Alter ego personalities need a relationship with a self-object that by conforming to the self’s appearance, opinions, and values confirms the existence, the reality of the self [1].

My Alter Ego and Me

She is a brave and adventurous girl. She explores every inch of the world. She climbs the mountains, she survives in the jungle, and she does backpacking around the world. She is not afraid of animals and any dangerous things. She is the real adventurer. Who is she? Is she my alter ego? She probably is. In fact, I am the opposite side of personality. I am just a childish girl who is afraid of many things. I dislike pets or any other animals, and I have a tremendous fear towards certain animals such as snake and worm. I could be so frightened when I saw a snake even though only on television. I would throw book or magazine- that I read- away if I saw a picture of a snake in it. Even just to think about it already nauseated me. I do not have the guts to do any dangerous things. Then, with all my weaknesses can I be like the so-called adventurous girl? I would not let myself be obsessed with my alter ego. I think I have to overcome my vulnerability first. So, I would prefer to regain my self-esteem rather than thinking how to be an extraordinary adventurer. Nevertheless, the stories of the adventurers will always fascinate me.

How to Deal with Alter Egos

Having an alter ego can be good at times, as long as we do not let our alter egos lead us. It can encourage a person to do more to succeed. An alter ego can give the person the supports of self-esteem. For instance, Eminem was successful in his career with his alter ego, Slim Shady. And you may hear the stories of other public figures who succeed with their alter egos as well. In my case, I will use my alter ego to motivate me to slowly defeat all my fears. Even though I cannot be as brave as my alter ego, at least I will no longer be a neurotic. However, an alter ego will bring us down if we let it dominate our life. So it is important for us to identify our strengths and do our best to meet our needs and to achieve our dreams with our efforts, instead of being obsessed with the perfect personality. We need to establish ourselves and strengthen our abilities to make it possible for us to lead a creative and productive life.

“Forget the self and you will fear nothing, in whatever level or awareness you find yourself to be.” ― Carlos Castaneda

[1] Kohut, H. and Wolf, E. S. The Disorders of the Self and their Treatment: An Outline. International Journal of Psychoanalysis.,

In Response to BEC English Friday 6th Week’s Topic – Alter Ego

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Blogging Is Fun!

Are you a beginner in blogging and still have no idea what to do? Or you’ve already been blogging for a period of time but you haven’t found the fun of blogging yet? Those happened in my first months of blogging as well. So, here I share some tips and the story of my blog that I have actually told in some posts. To my followers who have already read the story of how I started my blog, please pretend that you haven’t. 😛

Image Credit:

I started my WP blog in early 2014 and had no idea what to write about, and I left it with no post at all for weeks. Then, I started posting football articles. I used to talk and have debate about football on twitter, so I thought why didn’t I just write all my opinions on my blog? Moreover, I was really frustrated that time regarding the fact that the performance of my favourite football club Manchester United -when David Moyes took in charge as manager- was so terrible. Also, I was saddened by the departure of my favourite player Nemanja Vidic. So, I delivered all my sadness and anger into long writing, no need to moan about the character limit, unlike on twitter. But I got no response for my articles. I rarely published post in the first few months of blogging. I only posted poems, photographs, football match short reviews, and some random thoughts after. In December, I participated in Writing 201 Longform, one of Blogging-U online courses by DailyPost. We were given a certain topic to write every week. I gained my followers and started blog-walking. And now, I join Blog English Club (BEC), an Indonesian club for English Learning. Just like Writing201, in BEC the members are also given the different topic to write every week.

Through Writing 201 and BEC, I’m connected with many awesome fellow bloggers who have great writings. It encourages me to write more and, of course, to publish the better writings. I enjoy blog-walking so much now. I learn much from many bloggers with different backgrounds. Yes, now I find blogging is so fun! So, based on my experience, I want to share some tips for you – new bloggers- who still have no idea what to do with your blogs:

  • Create your blog based on what you passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you have many interests like me, though. Or you just want to post your personal thoughts? It’s okay. Whatever you want to blog, just make it your own.
  • Be brave to convey your thoughts. Explore your ideas and just write what you want. But remember, you should prevent from writing things that lead you to racist or bullying behaviour, impolite, rude, or full of hatred posts.
  • Create your own style of writing. Be original. There’s no problem if you want to try a different style of writing sometimes or if you’re inspired by others and you want to be like them. But don’t try too hard to become a person who is not you.
  • Follow people who have the same interests like yours. If you’re interested in photography, just follow photographers or people who are interested in photography too. If you’re interested in poetry, follow poets. But I tell you, it’s also nice to follow people from any backgrounds with different interests.
  • Participate in some writing or photo challenges like Daily Prompt, Weekly Writing Challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge, etc. It’s fun, I guarantee.
  • Join some communities or participate in blogging courses like Blogging-U courses that held by DailyPost. It will make you connected with nice people and you’ll get new experiences.
  • Do blog-walking. Start talking to new people and give feedback to each other. It will not only make your blog visitors become more engaged, but also give you more knowledge and insight. The more you meet new people, the more you’ll learn.
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Image Credit:

Those are some tips from me that I actually haven’t done all myself since I haven’t been so long in blogging yet. But no need to be a senior blogger first to share some tips, right? I’m now learning to do a better blogging. But I don’t want to enforce myself to write every day, nor do I want to be a visitors-oriented blogger. I will post what I want on my blog. Well, that’s all I want to say. Thanks for reading. Happy Blogging! 🙂

P.S: If you haven’t created any blog, and you’re still confused which platform that you should sign up for your very first blog, just choose WP. You won’t regret! 😉

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EF#5 What BEC Means to Me

Another BEC challenge! And the fifth week’s theme: What is BEC to you?

I created my WordPress blog in early 2014. I had no idea what to write about. But then, I started posting football articles in English. But it seemed no one was interested in football like me, I got no response for every single of my article. I was so inactive 2014. In December, I joined Writing 201 Longform course (Blogging U) where I met a lot of nice fellow bloggers. I started feeling excited to do blogging since then. But I didn’t find any Indonesian there. And I’m so happy here in Blog English Club (BEC) I can interact with many Indonesian bloggers. I actually hesitated to join BEC at first- because of my bad English- but my willingness to learn has encouraged me to do so.


It’s fun to be part of BEC. It helps me to improve my English, enhances my creativity to write some worth reading posts, and makes me more disciplined to post regularly. It’s nice to see the BEC members give feedback to each other. BEC gives us different challenge every week. And each member will write based on the topic with their own styles. It’s always interesting to see something from different perspectives. It obviously gives you more knowledge and insight. I learn a lot from many awesome bloggers here. They have great writings on their blogs. I envy them a little bit, yet it encourages me to do more for my self-improvement. So, I can say BEC has become one of the fun ways to learn. That is what BEC means to me.

It’s probably too early to say, but considering the massive response to BEC in the first few weeks, it’s not impossible BEC will be one of the Indonesian big forums for those (bloggers, in particular) who want to learn English or to improve their English more. I can see BEC becoming an integrated community and cozy place to learn English in nearly future. Hopefully, and I believe, BEC will continue taking the consistent steps to broaden the scope in order to take a role in education. That is my wish. Thanks to the admins and mentors. And to all BEC members, I am happy to connect with you all here. Viva BEC!

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EF#3 Me & Gadgets

Another BEC’s challenge day! And the third week’s topic is How Gadgets Affect Our Life. I actually have no idea what to write. But well, I’ll talk about the influence of gadget in daily life and how I rely on gadgets.

As part of technology, gadgets play a big role in our life today. Gadgets not only increase the efficiency and flexibility in our life but also keep us updated with the latest information from all over the world. We cannot deny the importance of technology to our daily life, the usage of gadgets has given us so much ease to do things in our life. We cannot stay away from gadgets. I salute those who can.


I am not saying that I am a gadget addict who relies on gadgets as much as I rely on oxygen to breathe (okay, I know I exaggerate it). But, to be honest, I cannot live a day without gadgets. I do a lot of things with my gadgets. Call, text, works and assignments, chat apps, social media, email, music, online shopping, payment, etc. And the fact that internet has become the fastest way to get information nowadays makes me stick with my gadgets. And in addition, gadgets have trained me to be a multi-tasker. I could write on my laptop while having dinner but my eyes focused on tv watching football match, and soon I would take my phone to tweet “Goooooooalll!” when a player of my favourite football team scored. What kind of multi-tasking is that? 😛 I’ve rarely been on social media these days. I get bored of it sometimes. However, as much as I rely on gadgets, I always try not to distance myself from people around.

The overuse of gadgets can also negatively affect health. The excessive use of gadgets can lead to depression, sleep disorder and other negative impacts. But we can avoid it if we use gadgets wisely. So let’s reflect on ourselves and try to lessen our dependence on gadgets, instead of blaming it all on technology. We may often hear a statement “Today we are not controlling gadgets instead the gadgets are controlling our life”. It could be true if we let the addiction of gadgets take over our life. It will not happen if we use gadgets appropriately, not excessive. So, it depends on us. Will we be the masters of our own gadgets or the slaves to them instead?

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Pride And Regret

He was so charming, surrounded by girls
But she was not one of them
To her, he was just another guy
Trying to attract and catch her
She was a flower with her so called pride

Everyone was talking about them
He was so into her
And that made other girls so jealous
She enjoyed that fact
And smiled like a queen

She thought she would never fall in love with him
But time was the master
All she thought about was him
But she held her pride tight
And made denials

Feelings could not lie anyway
She did not want to suffer any longer
So she decided to tell him
That she felt the same way too
But it was too late

And here I am now
Tears stream down my face
I love you
I whisper
As I spread flowers on your grave

written by: ichasyahfa

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Me and My Blog

Me? Well, nothing special, I’m just an ordinary girl. I am a big dreamer. I have a lot of dreams. I’m passionate about many things. I love drawing, writing poetry and fiction, photography, fashion, graphic design, animation, and all multimedia related. The thing is I am a lazy person. Yes, laziness is my friend and I often procrastinate things I should do. That’s my bad habit and I want to change to be a better person in 2015. Pray for me.

This blog? I started my WordPress blog in early 2014. I was inactive user, rarely published post. I only posted articles about football. Then I started posting my poems and some random thoughts. And in December I participated in Writing 201 Longform course by Blogging U. It was so fun! And it helped me to improve my writing skill, and also to being discipline to finish my assignments. Although publishing the assignment was not a must, but it was such happiness for me to get it finished and publish it.

I don’t focus my blog on a certain thing, since I have many interests. So I will keep posting poems, photographs, drawings, football match reviews, thoughts, and everything I want. I’ll probably post my short stories next time. As for drawing, I think I will post more of my manga drawings here. And I’m keen to publish my digital artworks, and maybe some animations too next. I’m blogging publicly because I am eager to find fellow bloggers out there who have the same interests with me. It will be great if I can succeed with my blog. But the most important and what makes me so happy is if what I publish on my blog can inspire people. Blog for sharing. That’s why I am here 🙂

Tulisan ini diikutsertakan dallam IHB Blog Post Challenge

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Opinion Piece: People, Internet, Self Expression and Attention Seeking

In Response to Writing 201 Week Three Assignment: Opinion Piece

Talking about attention, it can never be separated from human life. When we were born, our cries would be the center of attention, happily welcomed especially by our parents. When we were babies, we learnt to speak, our funny babble would get fully attention from our parents and it entertained everyone who saw it. And when we learnt to walk, our parents would applaud when they saw us taking the first step. Their attentions encouraged us to take the next step. So basically, attention is something that can motivate. As we grow, we will get attentions not only from our parents or family, but from a broader scope as we start interacting with many people. And we will get more variety of attentions.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Attention is also closely related to the way people express themselves. Everyone has different way to express themselves. There are people who can easily express themselves by speaking, others prefer to express themselves through music, writing, or even drawing. There are people who express themselves in simple ways, some are quite extreme. The way people express themselves that sometimes leads to the term attention seeker. So, is seeking attention always bad?

Now let’s talk about the relation between attentions, the way people express themselves and the internet, particularly social media. On twitter, people will be glad if their tweets get many retweets, favorites, or replies. A good tweet will attract many followers. On facebook, people will be happy if their posts get many likes and comments. Likewise in Instagram, people will be happy if their photos or videos get a lot of likes and comments. People are eager to upload good photos on Instagram, whether it’s the picture of them or things related to fashion, artworks, photography etc. Retweets, favorites, likes, and comments on social media are the examples of attention. Although we initially just wanted to express ourselves, but if we get those kinds of attentions, we will be happy and feel appreciated. Just like in blogging. We will create a blog with the name, title, and good design to make it look attractive. We will make our posts as good as possible. We will be excited if we find people who have the same interests with us.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

In my opinion, the use of internet as the way to express can give positive things like the followings:

• Helping people to express themselves
Not everyone is easy to express themselves. Someone who is shy and not really good at speaking, sometimes feels more comfortable to convey their thoughts, experiences, or anything about them in writings. So, some media like twitter and blog are good places for them. We might already hear some stories, such as there is someone who is very active talking on twitter, is actually a nerd in real life. Or people who are very good at writing blog posts are sometimes very awkward in their real social lives. That doesn’t mean they are fake. They just feel more comfortable to speak through writings.

• Creativity and Self Improvement
The attention that we get is such as an appreciation of our expressions and works that drives us into a creative person and furthermore to improve. On twitter, people will try to make great words fit in 140 characters. The fashion people will be excited uploading their fashion stuff and styles, and will look for new styles to update their fashion looks. The photographers will increasingly produce nice photographs and he will further develop their abilities in order to get the better photographs. Articles that we make on a blog, we will read them over again before publishing it. We would edit, repair some parts, and checking the grammatical errors in order to publish good writings.

• Sharing Information and Knowledge
We can also share information, knowledge, and inspiration. A blogger’s article can be useful to people who need information related to this article. The fashion bloggers and fashion people on Instagram will inspire others with their fashion style, and it will probably be so helpful for people who have problems in fashion. The professional photographers could inspire people who love photography to learn more about photography. Social media and blog could be great places for sharing with people who have the same interest. They will give feedback and inputs to each others. And some make communities in real life that originated from their communities on the internet.

• Finding Talents
Many people who have certain talents, or who have great artworks but do not know where to share them. Internet is the right place for them. Many famous writers who have best seller books came from blogging. And many fashion consultants who were initially just bloggers who often wrote about their fashion styles or uploaded their fashion looks on Instagram. And there are a lot of stories of famous people who succeed because of their activities on the internet. From zero to hero.

So, there is nothing wrong with self-expression and the desire to get attention as long as we do it in positive ways. However, for some people, self-expression and attention seeking can be annoying if it is excessive and inappropriate. They think that wanting attention is okay, but probably the behaviour of people in doing it is sometimes way too much. For examples, some might feel bothered by those parody accounts on twitter or those who like copying someone’s tweets. Some might not really like to see someone who loves posting loads of selfies within a short time, and some might not like seeing people who keep showing off their branded stuffs.  I personally don’t mind people who love posting selfies, branded stuffs or things which are mentioned above. I think that’s their rights, and I don’t think those as excessive behaviour. Things I don’t like to see on social media are posts or pictures that full of hatred, racism, insult, or abuse. This is just my opinion, though.


Excessive attention seeking behaviour is sometimes annoying for some people. But it’s not us to judge, because judgmental character can lead us to the bullying behaviour. We have all heard or read about people who committed suicide after got bullied because of their activities in social media. In my opinion, if you feel so annoyed by excessive behaviour of some people, the best way to do is ignoring them. For example, you can unfollow those accounts or block if you think they are getting so annoying, like spamming you or give you hatred comments etc.  But once again, it depends on personal. Some people are easily annoyed but some don’t even feel bothered by the excessive attention-seeking behaviour at all. Some decide not to be on social networking because they’re not interested, some are addicted to it. Well, my thought is, if you are on social media, don’t take it too seriously. Millions people are there, everyone has different personality, you can’t control them. So, take it easy. But, I think while we’re on social media, we also need to control ourselves in order not to be excessive. I mean it’s to protect us from some bad things. For instance, you might ever hear about some people who stole pictures of babies and abuse them. So, being wise on social media is needed.

Well, maybe this is all I can write. There is no intention to offend certain people here in my writing. The conclusion of my writing is, in my opinion, that the self-expression and seeking attention are not bad things if we do them in positive ways, and not excessive. This is just my opinion, and I do not impose my opinion to you. I’d be glad to hear your opinions too.Thanks for reading 🙂

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Melodious Symphony

I love writing poems
You’re with the musical instruments
And we make songs
Combining our feelings in them

I am a poet
You are a musician
We are two unidentified artists
Collaborating our egos in creativity

Light and breeze
We perform the most beautiful orchestra
In a hall called forest
Trees are the audience

They wouldn’t understand
But why should we care?
This is the world of our own
You and I, in symphony

written by: ichasyahfa