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EF#10 Delicious Homemade Food by My Mom

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
Mark Twain

Talking about food, Medan- the city where I live- is very well known as a city where you can find many kinds of delicious food. Medan is the heaven of food! You will easily find many kinds of cuisines if you travel to my city, from Indonesian food, Chinese food, Indian food to Western food. But, I’m not going to write a review of any places related to Medan cuisine here. I want to write about my mom’s homemade food.

My mom is a great cook! It’s not just my opinion, our big family, and even my friends love food which are cooked by her. She is very good at cooking Indonesian traditional food. I’m a bit confused to choose which one of Indonesian food is my favourite, since I love many. But, nasi goreng (fried rice) could be my favourite. It depends on my mood, though. I also love gado-gado (known as Indonesian salad in some countries), and rendang. Honestly, I get bored of rendang sometimes, but it will always be in my Indonesian top list food. And of course, to me, nasi goreng, rendang, and gado-gado cooked by my mom are the best.

Other homemade food by my mom that I really like is lontong sayur.  She always makes it on Eid Fitr and Eid Adha. In my family, the popularity of lontong sayur that is made by mom always beat the popularity of the so-called nastar and other Lebaran cakes and biscuits. I always love the moment when my big family gathered, my sisters and my mom would cook together. Me? Don’t worry, I took part too. My part was to take pictures of those dishes 😀 . Yes, I am a food lover who can’t cook (Booooo!). My mother has never asked me to learn how to cook. She knows that her youngest daughter doesn’t like doing any kitchen thingy, so she doesn’t want to force me. She said she believes that I’ll change when I get married someday. Yeah, I think so. Perhaps, someday I’ll learn how to cook, especially Indonesian food.

My mom is beautiful, isn't she? :)
My Mom 🙂

Indonesian cuisines are known as the spicy ones. All members of my family (except me) love hot spicy food. My dad is from West Sumatra, and my mom is a Mandailing (Hasibuan) woman. As a Minangese-Mandailing girl, I should’ve liked spicy food. But, no, I don’t really like it if it’s too spicy. Beside, my stomach cannot tolerate any hot spicy food with too much peppers or chilies in it. So, my mom always makes the special meals for me. Ah, thank you so much, Mom. You are the best. You’ll always be my inspiration. I love you, Bunda!

Well, that’s my story about my favourite Indonesian food. Tell me yours!

In response to BEC English Friday 10th Challenge: What Is Your Favourite Indonesian Food?

Pictures are personal documentation.


40 thoughts on “EF#10 Delicious Homemade Food by My Mom

  1. Hahaha, this is a wonderful post! 😀 me, my tongue can’t handle anything spicy. The picture on the far right looks like a Nigerian dish we call “jollof rice”.

      1. Thank God. Actually I’ve been there before. Medan for an assignment (one day only). And I was taking home Bolu Meranti.

      1. depends on where you eat, Mas. If you eat in Padangese or Mandailing restaurant, you’ll get the spicy food. If you eat in Javanese (Javanese people are massive here) restaurant, the dishes won’t be too spicy. One thing for sure, it’s not difficult to find delicious food here 🙂

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