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EF#14 Three Smart and Brave Characters

I love cartoons. When I was a little, I used to watch many cartoons (mostly anime) on tv. There are two kinds of anime, namely Shounen and Shoujo. Shounen is more aimed at a young male audience, while Shoujo for female. I like watching both, but my favourite anime characters are from Shounen anime. Anyway, is it bad if I still like watching cartoons until now? :mrgreen:

My favourites when I was little were Doraemon and Detective Conan. My elder sister said that many episodes of Doraemon and Detective Conan on tv were repeated, she had watched the same episodes before. I didn’t really care, I still loved watching them. Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudo) was my favorite cartoon character for years. As the time passed, I watched many more anime and read more manga. I read Death Note manga series and fell in love with it, the main character, Light Yagami has become my other favourite since then. I also started watching Naruto at that time, and Sasuke  Uchiha joined Conan Edogawa and Light Yagami on my top list.

1. Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudo) from Detective Conan (English Version: Case Closed) Series

Who doesn’t know Detective Conan? It is a very popular anime which is adapted from manga series by a manga artist and author, Aoyama Gosho. Shinichi Kudo is a prodigious young detective whose body shrinks into a kid after being poisoned by two men. Then he takes up the alias Conan Edogawa. He is so brilliant. The way he solves the cases makes me admire him. I read the manga series also. Well, since I love to draw, here I share my fanart drawing of Detective Conan.


2. Light Yagami from Death Note Series

Death Note is an anime adapted from manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Death Note is only adapted into a movie, not tv series. The main character in Death Note is Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that grants its user the ability to kill anyone whose name and face they know. He is always accompanied by a shinigami called Ryuk (the previous owner of the Death Note) everywhere since then. Light Yagami is very intelligent, although he is also tricky and too ambitious. But that makes him become more attractive to me. I adore Light Yagami so much! I’m in love with him, and wish him existed in real world 😁 This is my fanart drawing of Light Yagami together with Misa Amane and the misterious L.


3. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Series

Honestly, I don’t watch Naruto very often. I only like watching it in the early episodes. I don’t read the manga either. I love Sasuke Uchiha. He is a smart ninja, although  he has cold and detached attitude. I think he is the most good looking ninja among others. No wonder, Sakura likes him so much. And they are married in the end. I’m a brokenhearted fan. My lil nephew sometimes calls me Sakura because he knows I like Sasuke so much 😁 This is my fanart drawing of Sasuke. I drew it this morning.


Well, those three cartoon characters are my favourites. Perhaps, Light Yagami is my most favourite between those three, hmmm  but Conan Edogawa also, and Sasuke… Sorry, I can’t choose. I love them because they are smart and brave. The characteristics that I will value the most from a guy in real life. Well, this is my story of my favourite cartoon character. What about you?

In response to BEC English Friday 14th Challenge: Favourite Cartoon Character.

27 thoughts on “EF#14 Three Smart and Brave Characters

  1. Sasuke is cool and handsome, no wonder my classmate at senior high likes him :D. All those anime from which those characters come are available in live-action also, right, except Naruto which performed on a stage earlier this year. Conan is smart but I do not know why , Hattori is more interesting for me. Maybe because of his Kansai accent 😀

    1. Yesss, Sasuke is, indeed. Yeah, I know. I don’t really like the live-action of Dealth Note. The guy who stars Light Yagami isn’t as handsome and attractive as the manga and anime version 😁 Oh, did you mean here Ninja Hattori ‘mendaki gunung lewati lembah’? :mrgreen:

      1. Yes, I meant Heiji Hattori :D.

        That’s the dilemma of live action ya Mbak. Light is handsome in the manga/anime. One of my friend also said so.

  2. Sasuke itu emang banyak fansnya ya 😆
    baca ketiga manga-nya plus nonton animenya juga sih…kalau dead note ampe nonton live actionnya 😀

    1. Sasuke keren sih, Mba 😊 😆 Aku gak baca manga nya naruto. Ah Mba Ira.. tapi Tatsuya Fujiwara gak sekeren Light Yagami versi manga dan anime 😣

  3. Maap, baru BW… yaa 11-12 lah kyknya kita favorite anime characternya… hehehe…
    Di komen sebelumnya ada yg nyebut Heiji Hattori ya, itu jg keren tuh… temen saya malah menjuluki sy lebih mirip Heiji drpd Sinichi, karena item… hewhew…

    1. Haha toss..shounen anime emang lbh enak ditonton. Aku jg suka Heiji, Mas, dia jg pintar mecahin kasus2. Tp lbh suka Shinichi dong 😊 Waaah, apalagi kalo Mas Andik pake topi ya 😀

      1. Haha, eh, ada 1 lagi kan kalo ga salah, yg pake tuxedo putih itu siapa? yg suka terbang-terbang ga jelas.. **mendadak lupa cerita-ceritanya 😦

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